Spiderman is arachnophobic

My nephew Toby loves Spiderman so much. So much that he has all things “Spiderman”… from shirt to shoes… from PJs to toothbrush… from school bag to pencils. He watched Spiderman movies [all 3 sequels] for a million times I guess that he can even say his lines word for word. Such kids!

What do you expect? When they had the United Nations presentation in school, he was dressed as an Arab Sheik and supposed to introduce himself as… "Hi, I am Toby I am from Saudi Arabia". But when he finally went up the stage and introduced himself… he said… "Hi, I am Toby and I am Spiderman" [with matching “Y” fingers seemingly spinning web]!

Oh well, all boys will become Super Heroes at least once in their lifetime and they will fight aliens, robots, and bad guys to save the world and bring peace on earth. All boys will be wearing silly Super Hero costumes even if it is not Halloween to impress a girl or two. But all boys will never out-grow thinking that they have super powers and will forever keep their super ego. Wink*

Toby with his Spiderman Mask.

I miss Toby. He is cute. He is adorable. He is charming. He is funny. And what is so funny about Toby is that… among other things… he is arachnophobic. Yup, he is afraid of the spider. So come to think of it… he is the only Spiderman who is afraid of the spider.


  1. it's funny ruthi, how he introduced himself as spiderman yet dressed differently and how spiderman fears spiders :).

    by the way went to your other blog, but could not comment, neway, just would like to let you know that i share you in thinking that car racing is one of the sports that does not burn the driver's calories much but burns a lot of fuel thus emitting a lot of CO2 and other gases into our air.