designing mood

Much to my desire to be productive, I suddenly decided to put on my creative apron and tried my hands into digital scrapbooking and design some headers for my cousin Shiela who just came up with a new blog "Ang Best of Me" [using my convincing power]. Well, sort of.

I recently downloaded lots of images, backgrounds and designs from different scrapbooking websites like shabby princess and visit some of my friends’ websites like Viel's scrap crank and Design by Viel and my web-blog designs by Carlota for some creative ideas. And here are what I came up with.

I usually use Powerpoint for designing them and not the usual Photoshop that most digital scrapbookers are using because I have to admit... I don't know how to use Photoshop just yet. But so far I know I am doing alright with that.


  1. Hey Ruthi,
    Nice job with this headers. I also wish to do that coz I wanna mke my own badge for the new blogs I am making.

    By the way, the Ruthiliscious is a very nice site as well only I could make a comment- you have any idea why?

    It's funny -I am also working on yet again another new site that will be called jadeliscious ;) Ha ha.

    I've been away for awhile but it's nice to be back again in the blogosphere!

  2. same here, i dont know how to use Photoshop too. nice designs though!

  3. I love all the headers you have made. Very nice indeed.

    when you learn photoshop you will find out how much easier. sa umpisa lang ang mahirap.

    I'll visit your cousin's blog.

    Happy Monday and enjoy ur week.

  4. Well done. I like the third one the best for what it's worth..I would love to learn how to do this so I will check out thie links you gave. Thanks

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