Out-blogged by the Carpenter’s Wife

My Bad!

I have been blogging left and right but never realized that this baby is not being blogged lately. I mean the last time I posted here was last week. It’s very unlikely of me. But I have an alibi. I was blogging somewhere else. Nah! That was not good enough. I have 9 blogs so I am responsible for all of them. No alibis!

Oh well, that is why I am so blogging now. I just realized it now when I signed in to Blogger and saw that I have 72 posts here in Ruthi’s breathingSpace and I had 83 [to date] in a Carpenter’s WIFE’s tool box. And it was not like that before. Ruthi’s breathingSpace was always ahead with a Carpenter’s WIFE’s tool box. And yesterday, I posted 6 write-ups in ACWTB alone. How crazy was that?

Oh well, blame it to the PR. I am still licking my wounds on PR thingy so spare me on this one.


  1. Wow girl, 9 blogs. My gosh;) I cannot even keep up with 3. Hehhe. Keep it up! You're gonna be a rich lady soon - don't forget me okay;P

  2. rich lady? hahahaha... magdilang angel ka sana. Not all of that 9 blogs are monetized so i dont think so. i just want to organize my thoughts. one blog for my rants only... 1 for my experience as wife and a wicked stepmother... 1 for my experience as a teacher... 1 for my culture shock... 1 para sa mga thoughts na di ko ma-english. hahahahaha... 1 sa digi-scrap... hayyy kakaloka rin ano.