I was inactive with blogging for quite awhile because - I was sick!

YES! I was diagnosed with FBS infection. FACEBOOK SYNDROME, that is.

I was facebooking almost every chance I get and trust me I make sure I get all the chance I need.

Oh well, who doesn’t? I don’t know anybody in this planet who isn’t in facebook nowadays. It’s the new trend in cyberlandia. Is it a bad thing? I don’t freakin’ know. But one thing I do know… most of my friends in Friendster are now in FB. And yes, I don’t do FS anymore; I just go there to know who's checked me out lately. LOL.

Anyway, one of the best things that FB has done to me is that… I was able to reconnect with friends and family. I am now friends with my relatives [whom I have not seen for more than a decade or two] and now updating and catching up where we left off. I am friends again with former friends whom I have not seen since I left school and reminiscing the good old days. And I was able to add new friends from all over the world in all sizes… shapes and color.

Facebook is the best thing that could ever happen to people who are seeking people. It is the place where you can search for people who are missing or whom you are missing. And it is the place to know what is going on in other people’s lives.

To say the least, my FBS infection is something curable though I believe very contagious since I have infected some of my friends to get into FB apps. Most of us are now into every Game Apps and crazy quizzes that you can find in FB. I am a true blooded Sorority Sister getting all glammed up, fighting and socializing with all the sisters at Sorority life. I am also a level 74 Star in Glamour Age with over 500 million dollars in cash and assets [wish it was for real]. And I also get lots of invites to move to FarmVille and is recruited all the time to join Mafia Wars. But everything is so overwhelming that I am force to ignore most of them for fear that I will lost my day job and/or get a divorce from Hubby for spending too much time facebooking.

Oh well, I am still showing some symptoms of the disease but I am doing ok. It may take awhile before everything will be back to normal but I am taking a lot of precautionary measures to ensure that my work or personal relationship will not be affected. And though there is still no known cure for the disease and vaccines are still not discovered yet… it will surely take a long while before everybody will get over it. But don’t panic, just like any disease it will go away. It is curable so there is hope.

Additional Info on FBS: Symptoms are, but not limited to, sleepless nights [due to all night playing Games apps], lost of appetite [due to probing and viewing friends’ photo instead of eating meals], fast heartbeat [due to anticipation to read friends' updates on their wall paper], watery eyes [due to long period of time staring at the computer monitor], itchy skin [due to not taking a bath for fear of wasting time doing a non-Facebook thing]. If after taking all measures to get cured and symptoms persist... see a doctor. Seriously!