Colorful Reflections

Lens-Craft Day No. #1

I love changing seasons and for me Fall is my favorite season of all. But Fall will soon be over and while I wait... I want to cherish these amazing colorful memories of "fall".

I just love Fall for it's color and it's amazing reflections on water. It makes life more mysterious and wonderful.

Like life... water continues to flow until it reaches its destination and be one with the ocean.

Like life... the river runs freely with gentle whispers that warm the heart and soul.

Like life... the ponds and lakes go with the stillness of the moment as the mist gently rises to reach the sun.


  1. Lovely fall pics. And the words that accompany them. Green is the 'in' colour for us in Malaysia!

  2. @Keats... thanks for the visit. Green is also our color here... figuratively speaking... in all aspect of nature conservation.

  3. Gorgeous Pics...I have always love looking at autumn pics. It brings mix of emotions.


  4. @BF... I agree with you. Fall is my favorite season because the scenery is really lovely and always breathtaking.