Finally, It's Christmas!

Finally, it’s Christmas! The long hours or days of scouting and searching for gift items and presentable presents are now over. Isn’t it silly? You go through a lot of stores in search for the most unique and adorable items for your loved one and go home empty handed. Oh well, at least you have another alibi to go out shopping again on weekends.

Finally, it’s Christmas! The long nights of wrapping is over and it’s now time to get ready to unwrap the presents. Isn’t that silly? You need to wrap presents nicely and neatly… only to rip it good and make a big mess out of it. Oh well, that’s the fun part of gift giving.

Finally, it’s Christmas! The long days of waiting is over and it’s now time to open the presents and go crazy over the new stuff that your loved ones painstakingly wrapped for you. Isn’t it silly? I only realized now that I even bought some wedding accessories as Christmas presents. Oh well, funny as it is, I was able to make a little modification on them and made unique presents that are very christmasy… and they loved them.

Finally, it’s Christmas! And it’s time to clean up.


  1. oh, this is late Ruthi, as it is already one day after Christmas, but hope all the mess are over, and no more wrappings around :)

  2. @Betchai... everything is fine except the mess. that is one thing about gift giving... the more you give the more you take... lol... now i am having problems where to put all my loot.