The Biggest Loser Weekend Challenge

Losing weight is always a challenge for me and I know that I am not the only on in this struggle. Losing weight is a major concern now since obesity is a major threat to health issue to a lot of people. And losing weight is a decision one has to make to live a healthier lifestyle.

And so with this note in mind and with the motivation of my Sistahs... I am challenging myself not to lose weight but to make the right choices to live a healthier lifestyle. And by doing so... losing weight is inevitable.

So here is my PLAN:

1. I am going to challenge myself to choose healthier food, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid eating junk food and food rich in fats, sugar and salt.
2. I am going to exercise regularly. I will go for a walk or run at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day.
3. I will post my weight online every week to keep track of my performance.
4. I will blog about my weight-loss challenge to encourage other people to do the same and help them make the right choice to live a healthier life.
5. I will share photos of things I see or encounter on the road or the experience I will have while doing the challenge.
6. My goal is to lose 30 pounds by the last day of Spring so I can wear a "bikini" when I hit the beach in Summer. [The bikini part is just my motivation for myself. wink*]
7. But for any reason that I lapse or backslide... I promise that I will not be hard on myself and let go of my goal... and get back on my feet and start over again.
8. And I hope that other people will be motivated to join me in this challenge.
9. So Help me God!

So if you are like me... and want to make that drastic decision to make the right choice to live a healthier lifestyle... then TAKE THE CHALLENGE! Let's do this together and support each other to achieve our goal. SIGN UP below and LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER for a better and healthier lifestyle.

So to make this OFFICIAL... here are the RULES:

1. Sign up at Mr. Linky... then copy the logo and this website link []... and the word "I TOOK THE CHALLENGE" which you will insert at the end of your post every Sunday.
2. Write down your PLANS or GOAL for losing weight and blog or post about your challenge every week to keep track of your challenge.
3. You may choose to post a picture of your actual weight on scale if you feel comfortable about it or a photo of the things that you see while running or the food that you ate.
4. Encourage other people or bloggers you know to join us in this Challenge.



  1. I'm going down to my original pants size. That's means no relapses on pop and getting physical. :-)

  2. @Judy... thanks for signing up and taking the challenge. We all need to live a healthier life. Let's do it!