I played hard!

WEEK TWO: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

This is my second week of the BLWC. The week was not too favorable compared to the previous one. I wasn't able to walk/run outdoors like I planned due to rain and snow showers. Yes, that's Maine for you... a crazy weather. And yes, we have snow showers during spring.

However, it didn't stop me from working out. I was able to take advantage of the work situation and made the best out of it.

So here are what I did the whole week. I snacked on more FRUITS.

I played "TAG YOU'RE IT!" with the kids in the gym and "SOCCER" on my "coach sneakers" in the playground. Yay!

And these are the sceneries that I was able to take in during the week...

And my weight this week is... [drum roll please!]

OMG! I only lost 1.2 pounds. Oh well, I have an explanation for that. First of all... it was raining most of the time so I wasn't able to run outdoors. Second of all... I ate Chinese last Friday because Friday night is Chinese night for me and Hubby. And Last of all... I took a nap longer than I worked out. LOL. Whatever! But the thing is... I will try again this week and perhaps... I WILL PLAY HARDER THIS TIME!


"BUTTERY"fly said…
Losing 1.2 lbs. is better than gaining. Congrats! I know it's not easy to resist foooood! And it's even harder to work-out especially the weather you have makes you want to be nailed on your bed forever. lol! I have promised to go to the Gym when summer vacation kicks-off, but one month have already passed and I haven't visited the gym even once. :)
Please inspire me....lol.

Have a good day and good luck on the lose weight challenge!

Icy BC said…
Hey, losing 1.2 lbs is better than nothing! Congrats Ruthi, summer is coming, and there will be more time outdoor..
Ruthi said…
@Buttery.... thanks for the motivation. Why not join me? Come on sign up with my Mr. Linky wink*
Ruthi said…
@Icy... thanks. Yes I am looking forward to a warmer weather so I can go out for a run and take more photos. hahaha
betchai said…
Ruthi, 1.2 lbs lost in a week is not bad, I believe that is the ideal, crash weight lost they say is never healthy, what's the point of losing weight but you become unhealthy and you can not sustain it? We all know it is not all about the weight, but really more on the physical fitness level, one can be very thin but very unhealthy with too many fats inside the body because of having no physical activity at all ( very frail), and one may look bigger but is a lot healthier and a lot more active physically, the key is maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

so, enjoy what you do my friend, and for sure, you will keep maintaining that healthy, active and fit lifestyle, again. congratulations on the 1.2 lbs lose, that's very realistic and within the norms of healthy of weight loss. you should be proud dear friend.

yes, enjoy the run and take more photos dear friend.