Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Weighing Scale is so Mean

WEEK EIGHT: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

Another week had passed and I am here whining and contemplating if I really have to do this again? Well, of course I have to. If there is anything good that I did for the past week... it was my commitment to blog. And my commitment to lose weight is.... well, it's another issue. LOL.

I have many reasons why I gained weight. Yes, I did! I did gain back the few pounds I lost during the first few weeks I started the challenge. And yes, I have many reasons why I gained the weight back.

1. Hubby requested me to cook his favorite Pinoy food for the whole week. And though I had one day of pasta fever... the rest of the week was indeed a bingeing disaster. Boy, how I love to eat. I did miss Pinoy food a lot. hahahaha

2. I did not exercise except for few minutes of walking in the park to check out my kids.

3. I did take photos of amazing sceneries inside my car. Unlike before where I would go for a walk or run to capture interesting subjects in my camera... this time I was inside my car and just take a snapshot of the scenes I saw on the road.

And those are the main reasons why I did not lose weight this week and even gained back the pounds I lost a few weeks back.

And I still think that my weighing scale is not fair. It is so mean to me for rubbing it on my face. hahahaha. Sorry I will not reveal the exact figure here. It hurts so bad. But the challenge is still on. I am still hopeful that I will get my goal even if it will take me a lifetime. Yay! Yay! Yay!


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Ruthi, so you've had a little set back, you'll catch up and do even better in the upcoming weeks. I have confidence in you.

betchai said...

you can do it Ruthi, sometimes, we do need a break, at least, your commitment to blogging is there :)

Ruthi said...

@Judy... I will catch up, promise.

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... of course Sistah... I can still do it.

Cee said...

Oh Ruthi, I love the third photo so much!

Have good day!