Back to the Challenge... but not totally!

WEEK TWELVE: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

So I did take a break from the Challenge. My Bad!

Well, I have some issues with camping... relaxation... adventures... outdoor activities... and all sort of synonyms associated with "vacation"

So if you noticed... I didn't have a BLWC post last weekend. I totally forgot about it because of the Memorial Weekend that I spent with Hubby up north.

One reason that I can think of is... I did enjoy camping and gold panning with Hubby. I did have a little work out or sweat it out a bit because we did a little hiking up the mountain and down the river several times a day in two days straight. But I bet whatever I lost I gained it back because I enjoyed grilling and cooking at the camp. hehehehehe

Perry Mountain at the distance.
The trail I climbed up and down going to the river.

Another trail going down the river.

The calm Swift River

Swift River where we dredged dirt from the river floor.

Another reason could be... the Challenge totally slipped my mind so I didn't do anything except for the 45 minutes workout I had on the treadmill when I went to the office to bring the check payments I received from parents.

And lastly... my weighting scales are acting up. The old one is totally messed up and the new one looks like not accurate [or I just can't accept the fact that I totally gained weight again].

Here are the photos of the old scale where I stepped on at an interval of 1 minute.
Notice that I am wearing the same jammies.

Here is the photo of the new scale that I bought.
Notice that the number went up drastically after a minute.

I think I was scammed. The new scale is broken. I weigh heavier. I think I want to keep the old scale even if it is acting up because I weigh less in it. hahahahahaha

Nevertheless, the Challenge is still on... even if it has to take a lifetime!


  1. oh Ruthi, you cracked me up, I believe you know which one is correct though, haha! good luck, i believe you can do it.

  2. I like your sense of humour. Those pictures of the mountain and the river are pretty. Look down at the reflection of the trees on the mirrored surface. Very calm!

    As to gaining weight, let's face it, as we grow, ours go horizontally, not vertically, hence we look as if we did gain weight. haha

    The best way to lose weight actually is keeping our metabolism in check so no matter how much we eat, it should not affect us.

  3. Ruthi, don't be discouraged. You can do it!

  4. Congrats Ruthi! I love your photos of your upnorth world..Hang in there..