Bat girl costume hunt

Guest post written by Janet Key

My daughter is best friends with the boy that lives next door to us so everything that he does she thinks that she has to do too. That definitely goes for Halloween because they always go trick or treating together. So when he decided that he was going to be Batman this year she decided that she had to go and be Bat girl with him.

When I started looking for her for a costume online I saw an ad for Boston Clear Internet Deals and decided to switch over our internet service to it.

By the time I had decided to do that I finally found a costume that I thought would be perfect for her as Bat girl. It even came with a cape that I think she could use for other Halloween costumes later on down the road. But when we got the Bat Girl costume, the mask was so flimsy and it almost broke by the time she was finished trying on the costume that I just used the mask as a pattern and made a new mask for her.


  1. Time to go looking for costume for the children!

  2. I've been looking online for some costumes for the trick-or-treat. My eldest wants to be real scary this year.

  3. I am somewhat grateful that I do not have that expense any more, but it was kind of fun too. We got to be creative and resourceful.

  4. i should look for costume too, this year, I plan to dress up for my students :)