Recording Grey's Anatomy on My DVR

Guest post from: Steve Delaney

I have DirecTV from, and the DVR that came with my satellite package is user friendly and convenient. I simply choose which shows I want to record, and I even have the option of programming the DVR to automatically record the same programs every week in case I forget.

Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite TV shows. I've been a fan since the first season, and I record every new episode when it airs on Thursday nights. The new season began a couple of weeks ago, and so far I'm not loving it. I hate that Christina married Owen, and I don't think they belong together. This is the same guy she broke up with him the last episode of season six. She dumped him because he was in love with Teddy and lied to Chris about putting in a word for Teddy to keep her job. They had such major issues last season that I don't believe they've kissed and made up so quickly. Owen is so tortured. I wish he'd leave the show and take Teddy with him.

I'm very disappointed about the new shows that have aired in primetime this season. I recorded the pilot episode of My Generation because I thought it'd be a cool show, but I was unimpressed by it, and so I cancelled it on my DVR.