A Trip to the Zoo

I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers

It's always a family oriented theme when planning on going to the zoo. A well spent time with the family to absorb the reality of other life forms existing on this planet. The day planned begins with checking the extended forecast for the day at the zoo. If it's not a weekend, the children must be excused from school. The day at the zoo must also be a planned day away from work.

Where to eat before, during, and after will part of the event. The duration on the road must also be planned in advance. It's important to take breaks during extended road-trips. Where to sleep during long road-trips must also be considered. Having a brochure from the zoo will make planning on going to the zoo easier. Check to make sure all items are packed, and secured prior to departure. Make sure that you set your home security alarm from SecurityChoice.com/ before you go to the zoo.

Entertainment for the children before, during, and after is important. Children must be kept well entertained during the trip to, and from the zoo. Extended travel may cause exhaustion, and periods of nervousness. The chosen exhibits should include seeing the elephants, loins, tigers, and exotic birds. Exotic fish, and other water animals should also be included in the chosen visits. Discuss the trip on the way back home.


  1. We all need to have a peace of mind when we're away from home, or even at home. Great guest post!

  2. Peace of mind is very important even when visiting the zoo.

  3. I love the zoo! It has been awhile since I've been there but someday when I'm a parent I'll take my kids there.