Brother’s new passion

So I was [finally] able to convince my other brother into blogging and he is having a blast. Well, he is the only one who was not blogging yet before so this is indeed a great thing for us. First, I told him to open an account in a free hosting website. Then before long he got 3 active blogs with it. Who knew? You can say it’s in the blood. Now we share one website that we manage together. And I can concentrate on my other blogs which really need some help.
Actually it was really not that hard to convince him since my brothers and I share the same passion and hobbies. We all enjoy writing, painting, traveling and photography. And we all enjoy sharing our passion with others so having our own websites is really awesome especially in this era of the internet and modern technology. It makes everything fast and easy.

Now that he really enjoys blogging the next step for him is to get his own wordpress web hosting. But it will not be that hard [for him at least] because Sissy here will surely be babysitting his website since he is a newbie.


  1. Awesome, and you can keep in touch!

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