Camping Adventures

Guest post written by my buddy Regina Higgins

Going out into the great outdoors is as exhilarating as it gets. The crisp, fresh air on your face, the gentle fall breeze blowing leaves across your campground. Sleeping out under the stars. I love the smell of fall, and it is even better when you are in the Rocky Mountains. Sometimes you can even get lucky and wake up to snow on the mountaintops. Just be careful when you are up on the mountains. You set your ADT home security alarm before you go out camping, make sure to take the same steps to keep safe in the mountains.

Once I saw a bear in the campsite. It was awesome! I was so scared, but at the same time he was just poking around looking for food. When he realized we had none, he left. We had taken the precautin of hanging our food supply from a tree branch in an airtight container. There are all sorts of wildlife you can see in the Rockies. I have seen all sorts of doe and bucks, there are mountain cats, wolves, and raccoons. I have even seen wild rabbits. If you bring your compound bow, you can even catch a rabbitand have a delicious fire cooked dinner. Yep, there is absolutely nothing better than camping. The tents, the fires, comraderie under the wide open sky. It is great!