Missing Out

Thanks for the guest post by Wes Slater

When my cousin informed me that everyone was watching Free on Demand I laughed wholeheartedly in his face, chortled even. After all, how can everyone be watching Free on Demand if I myself was not? Furthermore, if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you too? Then I realized you would, because the only reason everyone would jump off a bridge simultaneously is if the phrase were actually some metaphor for a new thing that was really fun to do, and therefore the answer would be yes, and if it was yes to that, why shouldn't I also be watching Free on Demand.

So this week I started watching Free on Demand and it was as advertised, absolutely spectacular. I watched all my favorite shows and did so at my own pace, which is extremely fast. In fact, I usually watch shows with the fast forward button on, and I fill in the dialogue with my own witty banter which is far more entertaining than anything the characters on screen have to say. All in all I had to agree that now everyone could conceivably be watching Free on Demand, as everyone I knew was. While I thought this might be the result of some mental jujitsu on the part of my cousin, there was nothing I could do to disprove him. I was watching Free on Demand on my directv.


  1. Ruthi, thanks for sharing this guest spot. Hope you are doing fine.