Preparing My Home For Winter

Thanks for the post, Bernard Vasquez

There are many things I do each year to get my home ready for the cold winter. Preparing my house before the weather gets cold protects it against the harsh winter and hopefully saves me from needing costly repairs in the spring. The outdoor sprinkler system is first and gets shut down after the lines are cleared with my air compressor. Next the swamp cooler is shut down, lines blown out, and the unit is covered for the winter. I exchange screens for glass in my storm door to help with the winter drafts. I also make sure my snow blower has been cleaned and is up to date on its maintenance. The garage is organized with the summer machines put away, and the winter ones ready to be accessed. I make sure shovels, brooms, salt, and gasoline are within easy reach.

Inside the home I make sure that the main house heater gets checked and I replace the filter so it's ready when I need it. I also pull out portable heaters and stock the fireplace area with wood. Extra blankets are pulled out for snuggling, and I make sure the living space is ready for lots of hours of Satellite Tv specials viewing. Being prepared makes the transition from warm to cold weather so much easier.