Food Trip in California

It's been awhile since I last posted something about food here. Well, I decided to put away my apron for awhile but it doesn't necessarily mean that I put my appetite away too. Yes, I still eat a lot and appreciate good cooking. And yes, I do appreciate good cooking especially if it was cooked by somebody else.

I don't know about other people, but when I was the one who cooked the food, I hardly eat. It's not because it doesn't taste good. In fact, my loved ones love my cooking. I get requests all the time and I oblige when I don't have a choice or if I was blackmailed. LOL. Or maybe because when I cook, I taste the food a lot to make sure it is perfect. And the smell of the kitchen is always overwhelming... filling me up in the process.

But during my recent trip to California, I was treated to good food left and right. For the span of 2 weeks, I was dining out with friends, former students and my dear cousin in different restaurants [Filipino, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai] and had a blast. So for the next few post after this, I will be posting food that I feasted on during my Californication. So bear with me.

But for now... I just posted some of the photos of the restaurants where I dined in to show my appreciation to the wonderful people who made my vacation yummy. WINK*  Too bad, these are only few of the photos of the restaurant because sometimes I was too crazy to eat already to think about photography. LOL

Thanks guys... it was indeed I really appreciate everything. And I am craving still.