Let's go Thai, this time.

One of the highlights of any trip is - food. Just like any other tourist, I didn't just go to California for a visit and to see places... I went there for the food. Oh Yeah, for the love of food! And any trip will not be complete without "food trip".

So after my Jollibee langhap sarap... I met up with my former student Carmen whom I have not seen for over 7 years. She treated me and my cousin Joey to a sumptuous Thai dinner at Thai Patio at Hollywood Blvd.

I ordered Tom Yum Soup - Thai's version of our very own Sinigang.
... and of course, the yummy papaya salad for side dish.
We also ordered other dish but these two are my favorite and the only ones which pictures I took.


  1. These dishes look intriguing. Sounds like a wonderful meal.