My Reliable helper

It’s not just springtime here, it’s mud season too. Yikes. I live in Maine, so I am not really surprise anymore. In fact, I am actually expecting it that is why I have not tucked away my rain boots yet. I know I will need it every now and then.
Well, rain is part of spring. Flowers need water to grow and bloom. But too much of it is not good. Thunderstorms and hurricanes left and right made a big mess in our cellar. Water started leaking leaving a huge damage on our carpet. Good thing there is water damage clean up austin and best carpet steam cleaner austin… at least I don’t have to worry about the aftermath of these usual occurrence that are part and parcel of spring. I just need to go online and check out and I will be all set.

Well, I am not really whining, I love spring and I love the rain too. But too much is not ok. So for now, I will just enjoy the mild weather. At least it’s not freezing cold like winter or fiery hot like summer. And even if it is dump and soggy and muddy… at least I know where I can get the help I need. And I am all set.