On Choices

I am out of work right now. Not that I didn't have offers and choices. I did. First I have a choice to apply for  "unemployment benefit"[lol] so that I can just relax and get paid. But I know it takes a lot of effort to do that. I mean, filing... interview... logging. No, I'm all set. Then I was thinking of doing "summer camp" or "subbing" for our preschool because they are part of the YMCA programs too where I am connected. But no, I want to take a vacation from the kids so I will be able to recharge and be empowered again once the school starts this fall. I suspect that I am beginning to develop some allergies with kids now. hahaha just kidding. Of course, I love kids. They are the ones that give me happiness doing my job.

Then, I applied to work as chambermaid in a posh Condominium in Old Orchard Beach and I was accepted. I quit the second day though. LOL. I have never thought that cleaning houses is hard. Well, why took the job in the first place? Because it's right down at the beach. I was thinking of hanging out on the beach after work and soak in the sun while reading a good book or people watching over smoothie. I got my folding chair, cooler, book, umbrella, and bathing suit in my car. But that didn't happen. I was already tired at the end of the day [even if I worked for only 6 hours]. And went straight home crying. My whole body hurt.

The following day, I searched job online and found something that only required me to revise a job application letter for a doctor in Australia and I got paid 40$. I did the job for 30 minutes while "facebooking". Yay. Awesome!

So for my 2 questions:
1. What odd jobs have you done so far?
2. Do you love your job because of the salary or the work you do?

There you go guys... have a happy weekend. Hubby and I and Brandon will be spending the weekend camping and gold panning.


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  1. 1. I've babysat. I want to do that some more or work in the library.

    2. I don't have a salaried job.

  2. Ruthi, I have done so many odd jobs too numerous to list: Just a few are sign lettering, calligraphy, altering clothes, subbing (teaching). I work my current job because it is a step above my previous, not because I love it. :-)

  3. 1. I have worked as a sales associate at Robinson's May(now Macy's here in SD), I love it, especially when others would give me personal thanks for helping them out choose which clothing suits them best for a reasonable price. The only thing I did not like is the hard physical labor compared to teaching job and the low income.
    2. I love my job because of both salary and work. Unlike most notions, teachers are not really underpaid, compared to other professions, the income is higher. Of course, not as high compared to doctors, lawyers and engineers, but definitely competitive compared to other careers, and the work for me is very satisfying. When a student comes to me and thank me for the new things they have learned, and helping them open their mind to Math, which before they though they were hopeless, for me, that reward is more than just the salary.