Spending Diet

Okay... this may sound ridiculous or disturbing perhaps but I am done. I am done going crazy with shopping and spending.

No, it's not official that I am turning my back on shopping. Who doesn't love shopping? It's the best therapy in the whole world. Expensive though. Wink*

But yes, it's official, I am on a "spending diet". It's the best I could do to trim my budget. Hard though. LOL

So how do I do that? I leave all my credit cards at home every time I go out. I can't trust myself when I am in a store. The safest thing to do is to keep them away from me and out of my sight so that I won't be tempted to get lured by the subliminal message hidden behind the sign - SALE 70% OFF.

But still, at the back of my mind I know that they are there... tuck neatly in my jewelry box. So there is still a great danger. And it scared me out of my wits.

And so, one day I came to my senses and cut them all up.
 Whew... that was easy!

P.S. The following day, I received a replacement card from one of them companies. Isn't the weird or destiny? hahaha. And oh by-the-way, I still go shopping... grocery shopping. We need to eat, you know. Wink. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. oh Ruthi, I love your humor about life, I have to disagree with you however that shopping is the best therapy in the whole world LOL, NATURE is :))

    If you follow those who share that same quote, you will end up in DEBT,and that's make shopping the BEST STRESS in the whole world :))

    Cut again those new cards :)

    Though I do use credit cards because I save more with them, because you get cash backs when you always pay in full, I don't have to stash away the pennies, dimes and quarters that piles up when I use cash, etc. I go shopping for my whims when I get my cash back cheques :)) Otherwise, like you, I enjoy grocery shopping!