Summer Essential

Ah summer. What is summer without the aid of some awesome outdoor furniture around our house that made our sunny and not-so-sunny days complete? Yes, outdoor furniture is an essential part of my outdoor experience. Oh how I love lounging in our port in the middle of the day having a cold glass of homemade lemonade with sweet mint leaves from my herb garden while watching the birds feeding on my feeders or facebooking on my lappy. lol

There is nothing great than watching the sunset with my Hubby on our nice colorful and comfy Adirondack chairs and talking about how our day was.

There is nothing more exciting than having a weekend cookout at the backyard and enjoying lunch with friends around our Picnic Tables and feasting on lobsters. Yum!

There is nothing really fun than sitting on our Park Benches nicely placed under the maple trees lining our driveway and waiting for the mailman.

And there is nothing sweeter than listening to the laughter of the kids playing around the new playground equipment that we have installed early this spring.

Ah, summer. You will soon be over but all these special furniture that bear witness to all the fun and joy you bring will always be a part of our lives. Sure we will still enjoy all of this outdoor furniture one more season. They will surely bear witness again to another yet colorful and majestic New England Fall but it will not be long. Winter will pass and before long, it will be time to enjoy outdoors again… and life goes on with a little help from Terra Bound Solutions.


  1. i am so tempted, and feast on Maine lobsters in your picnic table by your yard, yum!!