My Liliw

After 5 years I finally set foot again on the happiest place on earth. No, it's not Disney World. DW isn't definitely the happiest place on earth - it is Liliw!
At the boundary of Liliw and Nagcarlan town proper.

A small town in the province of Laguna about 3 hours away from the city of Manila. It is located in the big island - Luzon. It is where I was raised and grew up. I have lived all my life in this small town at the foot of Mount Banahaw. A small town where everybody knows everybody and everyone's business [wink* you know what I mean]. It is in this small town where I dreamed dreams and where dreams come true - at least for myself. This is the home of my parents and the people I love. This is Liliw... and this is my root.
The TOWN PLAZA. This is the place... which used to be a playground, where I spent most of my childhood playing "bubuka-bubuka ang bulaklak" [the flower will blossom] with my siblings and cousins. The statue of Gat Tayaw [the town's founder] and his dog Bantay [as we came to know it] witnessed the joy of my childhood [so many] years ago.
The yellow house used to be our old house where I grew up. It is located just on the left side of the plaza along Gat Tayaw Street. It is now owned by my mom's brother's family.
The Municipal Building is located next to the old playground and facing the Trade Fair.

The TRADE FAIR CENTER. Liliw is famous for it's high quality but affordable footwear, thus dubbed as the slipper capital of My Philippines. We take pride of our unique and quality craftsmanship.
Rising tall at the corner of the plaza is this now famous sign-age of the town declaring and asserting our claim as the Slipper Capital of My Philippines.
The Trade Fair Center is located in Gat Tayaw Street which is considered as the town's main street facing the Municipal hall. It is where all the footwear stores are located and where our famous products are on display and for sale.
Some of the slipper products on display.
One of the famous and pioneer in the town's slipper industry.

In two-week's time I will be going back to my adopted home in the U.S. I will once again leave behind my hometown. But I will not leave without bringing some of those footwear, of course - to bring with me and to my family and friends in Maine.


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  1. i agree with you, ruthi, DW is not the happiest place on Earth :) and so glad you are having a blast of a vacation there.

  2. i think i have been there once. such a happy place indeed. :)