My Summer in My Baguio

It has been 20 years ago since I last visited Baguio City. Yeah, that long. And no matter where I have been since then, I know in my heart that I will always go back to relive happy memories.
A hillside village in Baguio City as viewed from OMG restaurant.

Baguio City is the Summer Capital of My Philippines. It is one of the most visited places in the country. Its cool weather maybe one of the reasons for being dubbed as the Summer Capital of the country. But I believe the warmth of the people is one important aspect why visitors like me keep coming back.
It is a city on top of the mountain - the Cordilleras. It is a city where happy memories are made. And it is the city that will always have a special place in my heart because my brothers and I shared happy memories there. It was there where we celebrated the 25th Wedding Anniversary of my parents. It is there where we spent some unforgettable summer with two of our cousins when we were young.
This summer of 2012, on my first visit to the Philippines since I left in 2007 my brother Japol brought me back to Baguio City. It was such a wonderful experience to go back and be amazed how the city was transformed yet was able to maintain the things I so long to see.
Our stay was short yet meaningful and memorable. We went back to those places we knew from the heart like the Burham Park,
Wright Park,
Mines View Park,
Sunshine Park,
 With Japol posing where our Mom and Dad posed more than 25 years ago.

the Session Road,
the Baguio Catheral,

the Mansion

and my brother brought me to new places I have not been to - mostly restaurants like The Cafe by the Ruins,

and OMG - Oh My Gulay (vegetables).

And I will have separate posts for each one of those places so I can give you a little tour of those amazing places. Promise! [So help me, God!]

Yeah, our Baguio escapade was basically a yummy experience because all we did was eat... eat... eat!

PHOTO CREDITS: All photos without my watermark are courtesy of my brother Japol. Thanks Japol for the "raw photos".

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