Breakfast at Zola

One of the best times I spent with my brother Japol during my vacation in My Philippines was "pigging out". Yeah, my diet plan went down the drain during that time. Japol brought me to Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines and all we did there was... eat! One of the most best breakfast I had was in Zola.
Session Road as viewed from Zola.

Zola is a Filipino-owned resto/cafe in Baguio City. It is located in Session Road and near the new SM Baguio. It is frequented by locals [mostly yuppies working 3rd shifts at Call Centers during this early time of the day] and tourists alike. We met a bunch of them that time. Well, Japol told me that they are Call Center Agents because they are drinking beer at 6:30 in the morning. He knows it because he is a Call Center Agent and that is how he rolls too. LOL.
 Modern design light fixtures of Zola.

The food in Zola is a fusion of Filipino-American dish. The servings are good enough to fill a hungry tummy and the price is affordable. Aside from the food, Zola boasts of its modern fixtures that add uniqueness to the establishment. The ambiance is cool and cozy. Fresh crisp pine Baguio breeze gives a very relaxing and comforting feeling when you are inside since all the doors of the verandas surrounding the place were opened that time. And yes, it has WiFi - that is why Japol was so absorbed with his Kindle Fire.

Since it was the start of our 2nd day, we needed a hearty breakfast that will carry us throughout the day of our exploration. So if it was breakfast, it should be LONGSILOG for me. A Pinoy breakfast combination of LONGaniza (sausage), SInangag (garlic fried rice) and itLOG (fried egg). This is one of my favorite dish back home. Breakfast is not breakfast in My Philippines without rice. It is our staple. The left-over rice from supper last night is fried in star margarine [which gives the yellowish color to it] with minced garlic [and other bits and pieces of left-over when available like green peas, ham, and what-have-you].
Big Pinoy breakfast for Japol. It is a combination of all "silog dishes" like LONGsilog [longaniza], TAPsilog [tapa], BANGsilog [bangus]
Japol enjoying his coffee and Kindle Fire.

Busy Japol.
Japol still reading ebooks on his Kindle Fire and ignoring the wide-awake Call Center Agents at the background.

Some of the Photos taken by Japol at Zola.
 Me... enjoying my Longsilog.
 At the entrance of the restaurant.
 Taking a good view of Session Road down below.
 Me again... by the veranda.
So there we were on our 2nd day in Baguio City enjoying my breakfast while overlooking the not-yet-so-busy Session Road down below. I chowed down my Longsilog in less than 10 minutes and went around taking photos. It was indeed a yummy start of our "Pig-Out" day in Baguio City. And we set forth for another eating adventure.

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  1. who would not eat and eat when they are in Philippines? We just love foods, tapsilog, longsilog, etc in the morning, and more more more during the whole day, I too gained several pounds and it shows in my face as some of my students told me :(

  2. I just found your blog unexpectedly from the search engine. First time I saw it, I know it's a very informative blog. I got so many something new from here. Good work and thanks for that!