Monday, June 3, 2013

Missing Home

School will be over in a couple of weeks or so and last year... about this time I was already on a countdown for my trip back home. And I did post some of the activities I enjoyed doing there during my vacation. Too bad I am too busy at work I could have posted more.

But don't worry, as soon as the school ends... I will back blogging. Just enjoy some of the photos I took during that trip for now.


betchai said...

so pretty you Ruthi, love your smile. miss you much. excited to know that we'll hear more about you. by the way, hubby ask how are you, I told him, you are very fine, just busy earning money. :) haha, love yah!

kulasa said...

dropping by here too because I miss you soooo mucccchhhh!!!! yey! glad to hear you will have more time to blog soon!!! like Betchai I love love love your smile! I could see your eyes sparkling even with the shades :) love yah!