Look Who's Back!

Whew, that was close!

Hello bloggers and followers [hope I still have some left] I am so back!

Don't know what I am talking about? Check it out HERE and HERE.

So what happened? I lost my DOMAIN for this website. End of the Story. LOL

Well, weeks ago I was inconsolable because I encountered problem with this website's domain registration and totally lost it because I wasn't tech-savvy. I struggled big time for the loss because this website is... the love of my blogger-life. This is my very first owned-domain and it bears my name. It is not just being personal... it is PERSONAL in all capitals.
Then I took its fate into my own hands and I decided to have it adopted by a Carpenter's Wife. How stu*pid is that? It's like I abandoned my own child. Yes, this is my child... my first born... it got all my genes all over it, right? But without a home how can I take care of this child? So yes, from the goodness of the Carpenter's Wife cyber-heart... RBS was taken in and got a special space in the "tool box".

Now here is the big news. Two days ago upon digging into the tool box, I realized I own an old smarty pants and booom! I instantly got an idea. I wore the smarty pants for 2 straight days and booooyah! RBS is back in the bloggosphere.

Yup my dearies... Ruthi's breathingsSpace is back... with it original DOMAIN... with renewed spirit... with new perspective... with new concept... with new charm... but with old momma.

Whew! I can BREATHE now because I got my old SPACE back. Thanks Carpenter's Wife for babysitting me.


betchai said…
yehey for you Ruthi, congratulations, so happy for you that you were able to get back your baby.
kulasa said…
psssttttt yahooooooo you are back Ruthi and breathing oh yeah hahaha, hmmmmm how did you do it? smarty pants hahaha...so love the magazine shot haha, :)