My Brothers - My Partners-In-Crime

My brothers and I have practically the same interests and hobbies. Those similar interests and hobbies are probably the reasons why we get along well and why we argue and disagree and fight as well.
Gary and Japol - My Partners-In-Crime

My brothers and I are bloggers, photo-enthusiasts, artists, and partners-in-crime.
Gary - The Expat
Japol - The Rock Star

We enjoy doing things together like eating, shopping, travelling and blogging.

We also enjoy doing the same things own our own like eating, shopping, traveling and blogging.
Now that we live in 3 different cities or shall I say 3 different parts of the world, we still do the same thing that we love doing when we were little.

Growing up with my brothers is a life I will never trade anything in this world.


My Two Questions and Thursday Thoughts to ponder:
1. Do you have siblings?
2. What are the things that you love doing with your siblings or rather not do with them?

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  1. 1) Yes Ruthi, I have more siblings than you can count on your fingers. :-)
    2) Oh boy...I love eating with my siblings, because they usually like the same type of food. We all have certain dishes that we can make unlike the others, so it's fun when I get to taste their cooking.

  2. haha, i have 4 brothers :) like you, i only have 4 brothers :) no sister and somehow I love that too :)
    great you all have the same interest, however with mine, only 3 are into the outdoors, but the other one was the oldest who is way several years older than us, thus my partners in crime were my two younger brothers, we were so much into outdoors, and miss miss enjoying the outdoors with them. these days though, because we all are old enough, the eldest joins us if we all are together, but the next to the eldest (is into basketball and plays a lot of basketball) somehow, in my last trip, he tried to join us hiking, but we needed to take a lot of rest since he said he is not used to climbing, and in the end, he took a motorcyle back with someone we met along the trail and left us ( me and my other brothers) to continue epxploring what was up there, it was fun! i sure miss that! however, we all love the beach. and i guess, growing together, we all like the same foods too, vegetables and sea foods most of the time!