Brown Rice Rhapsody

I switched from Jasmine rice to brown rice since last year. I read somewhere that there more health benefits that you can get from eating brown rice.
I cooked my rice in the rice cooker. Instead of water, I use vegetable broth to add flavor. There are times I would prefer to eat plain brown rice with whatever dish available.
I like veggies with my brown rice. I usually get the frozen veggies and stir-fry them with olive oil, Mrs. Dash's salt-free seasoning and Italian seasoning. I like to eat this stir-fry veggie with boiled eggs or grilled meat (chicken, poor, or beef) or as is.
And most of the time, I would mix the brown rice and stir-fry veggie up. Together, I come up with one dish that I sometimes eat with other dish or just it.
And I called it Brown Rice Rhapsody.

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  1. you made me drool with your photos. maybe i should get the hubby to switch to brown rice too. :)

  2. Hmmm sounds and looks yum!! The colorful veggies are inviting!

    ~joining the walk for nurse Jennie tom, may your good heart be continually blessed~

  3. i super love brown rice, but lazy to make two rice at home since i can't make hubby to eat brown rice, :( he simply can't take the texture of it. but sometimes, if i feel like making my own, i do make brown rice. i like brown rice more for taste, haha