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More than a couple of weeks ago I was surprised when my co-workers asked me how my family was in the Philippines. Unknown to me, my beloved Philippines was hit by an earthquake that caused terrible destruction to Bohol and its neighboring towns. I was touched by the concern of my co-workers. I felt their concern for me and my family.

But since I was out of the house too early (I leave for work at 5:30 am everyday) I had no chance to know what happened because I don't usually watch the news first thing in the morning because Hubby is still sleeping by then. So, I googled it and I found out that it was where my friend Medy's brothers are based.
This is the church where Medy and here used to go to attended mass services and Flores de Mayo when she was little.

I called Medy to check on her and we were relieved when we found out that they were ok though the place she knew from the heart is no longer what it used to be. She can't be too happy either since she has not talked to any of her brothers due to lack of means of communication. And for us Filipino Migrants who still have family and loved ones back home, it's just too frustrating not knowing what's going on or whatever happen to our loved ones until we hear from them. I can just feel my friend's pain.
The aftermath of the destructive earthquake

Today, it is disheartening to watch on national television how the same place have to suffer yet another destruction where more lives are claimed. And  just like the first one, I wasn't aware of the phenomenal event that was about to happen to my beloved Philippines until I read my Hubby's message in FB. And likewise, my co-workers showed their concern again for me and my family back home. I felt so blessed to belong to such a wonderful and caring community.

I googled again and found out the same thing. Of all places... c'mon, my Philippines has 7,107 why Bohol again? Why not those islands that are not inhabited or those owned by corrupt politicians who bought the islands out of ill-gotten wealth? That was my instant reaction.

Please watch this. Video Credit: Typhoon Haiyan

As a Filipino migrant, I can only do so much. I can only talk about it. I can just write about it. And I can simply sympathize. I am grateful though that my family and loved ones are all safe. We live in the biggest island which is 500 miles away from Tacloban which is the city directly hit by typhoon. But my "kababayans" (countrymen) who are affected by this phenomenal typhoon Haiyan can only be in my thoughts and prayers. I do wish I can do more for them.

But I need to do something to HELP them. And the only way I know how is through social media. So through here I am begging you my friends to please help my Philippines... please DONATE and GIVE HOPE to the Filipinos.

Here is a LIST of CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS in the Philippines and the UNICEF link where you can donate and send help to the Filipinos.

And through here, I want to thank you all in advance for your kindness and gracious hearts. I also would like to thank my The Salitype Society Sistahs who serve as inspirations to me... especially Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life and Kulasa of The Letters in November who are selflessly initiated this kind of outreach program for our kababayans.

Author's Note:
Thank you in advance for helping my kababayans. If you choose to help, you may choose any of the links I highlighted here. Let it be known too that none of the links are directly associated to me. They are all authorized and reputable non-profit organizations that are created and founded to send relief to countries all over the world that need help. With the current graft and corruption issues my Philippines is facing, it is worth knowing and finding out if the organizations are legit and for real to be sure that help reach those people who do need them. Again, Thank you.


Here are more links where you can send help:
1. Huff Post: Following Philippine's Typhoon Haiyan: Here's how you can help
2. World News: How to help: Organizations offering relief to typhoon Haiyan Survivors
3. USA Today: How you can help Typhoon Haiyan survivors

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  1. It breaks my heart thinking how massive the destruction was. Our country needs more than prayers now. I am lost for words now that our countrymen are suffering but proud to have friends like you who are generous.

    On a lighter note, Medy the friend you mentioned..was she the Filipina friend you first met in Maine? I pray for her family and everyone of the victims. Love yah.♡

  2. sorry to hear about your friend's family Ruthi, will keep her in prayers and also everyone who had been affected by typhoon.

    and many many thanks for spreading the link.

  3. my only source of Philippine news is the social media eversince we unsubscribe from the Filipino Channel. the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda is really devastating, sobrang nakakapanlumo. it was in the front page of local newspapers today, couldn't bring myself to read further all the tragic descriptions in the news. i know we can only do so much in terms of donating but a prayer brigade would really be of great help for everyone who needs healing and comfort. i am happy to have prayerful and helpful friends like you, Zen and Beth.

    i hope your friend will hear from her family soon...

  4. That is so sad and terrible! May God blessings pour down on the people who are suffering!