Sundate with my BFF

Last Sunday, I picked up my BFF Medy and we went to church. It was a touching service for us because the Priest said a special prayer for Medy and my Philippines. The people we met at the church were sympathetic too when they found out that we are Filipinos.
My BFF - Medy.

After the Mass Service, we drove straight to Portland to have lunch. We had Thai and our tummies were happy.

I love Thai. Got to have my Thai fix one way or another.
(Don't I look like Thai in this pholo?)
Shrimp Paste Friend Rice
The Pu-Pu Platter for Two
Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad)
The condiments. Peanut Sauce is my favorite for chicken satay.
Hot tea.

After lunch we went shopping for Filipino food at the nearby Asian Store. Then went to several store to finish up our shopping galore.

It was a lovely day for "girls' day out." Will have another one like this next week.

-----------------------Food and Drink------------------------ 

This is another entry for Food Trip Day.
Food Trip Day No. 13


  1. Tell your friend Medy I said hello :) and yup your smile is Thai-like in the photo! it is contagious by the way and I am smiling from ear to ear as I type still :D and hmmmm you just destroyed my diet regimen for the day buy boosting my appetite with those sumptuous meals yah! :)

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I am a big Thai food fan, too. Wish I could join you and your friend, Medy! Looks and sounds like you guys had a blast. Oh, and I love that word "Sundate" :) I need one of those badly!

  3. i love thai food.
    yeah, we look like thai peeps.
    when i was in bangkok, they were talking to me in their language...LOL

    hi medy..!

  4. How fun that you are able to be with your BFF. The food look delicious too!

  5. Glad you had fun with your BFF. I love Thai food too, next time pasabit sa date niyo. Hehehe

  6. you two look so pretty, and oh, lots and lots of good foods!

    i often am mistaken as Thai too, in fact, some Thais here in san diego talk to me in Thai, and I often tell them, "sorry, but I could only talk in Filipino and English." Then, they would tell me, "oh so sorry, I thought you are Thai, you look very much like one."