A bag-full of sweet memories!

My brother's short visit in Maine is a huge deal. First of all because the last time I spent time with him was in 2012 when I had a short vacation in the Philippines. Now, it's payback time!
But a visit is not a visit without a catch. Yes, there is a catch. We are horrible family so we don't do favor just because! We do favor out of another favor! LOL I'm just kidding. Whose family isn't horrible anyway? Wink** So yes, after some threatening and blackmailing he finally brought me those Pinoy food that I was longing for so long.

He brought some Bisuto. I don't know how to describe it but it's just something that we deep fry in hot oil that turns into something crunchy that I love to eat dipped in vinegar. It reminds me of those happy moments with my BFFs when we spent time getting drunk with lambanog - a wine made of coconut water that tastes like vodka. Yah - I did that when I was younger... so don't judge me! LOL
He brought me some Tablea - cocoa tablets that you make into hot cocoa drink. This is the real thing. this reminds me of childhood at my father's side because my Lola (Grandmother) made these out of cacao beans from the cacao tree she had in her front yard.
And last but not the least, one of my most favorite chocolates of all time which is not available anywhere in the world but the Philippines (I think) - Curly Tops. They bring back sweet happy memories indeed specially anything about Christmas in the Philippines because we usually found these boxes in our Christmas stockings.

Now, excuse me because I have a very important thing to do - feast on these babies! Thank you baby brother for all the trouble you went through just bringing these stuff. I love you.


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