The Big Move

WARNING: This is a re-post of a re-post from My Refuge Online that will go extinct. Yes. Ruthilicious is moving for the 2nd time and hopefully this is the last one. I am taking the "downsizing mode" seriously so this move is inevitable. I do hope that you my friends and followers will continue to follow Ruthilicious here in Ruthi's breathingSpace. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is for the better. Wink***



Welcome to my new blog… ruthilicious! This is my newest venture into the blogging world. I have dreamt about this blog for so long and it is only now that this “baby” is finally conceived. Thanks to my dear sister in China - Vienna. She was the one responsible for this new blog… from creation to web hosting… to lay-out to plug-ins… and "what not" to everything in between. This is my new site for my usual rants and whines about matters important to me [people, places, situations and things] since my other 6 blogs and the 2 other blogs I am babysitting [plus 2 more that I co-author] seem not enough to contain all my complaints and grumbles… my hopes and dreams… positive and negative predicaments… and my take on many things. This is my new sanctuary to share all the blessings I received from above and all the blessings I am yet to receive in the future because I believe that God is not done with me yet. This is my new respite to meet new people and friends alike to widen my horizon… to inspire and get inspired by them… to learn and to teach… to discover and re-discover… to explore and exploit (wink). This is my new refuge for my once-in-awhile hiatus from the real world and my place of hibernation into the world of make-believe. This is my place. This is my new place. This is ruthi… and this is your ruthilicious.

Author's Note: The above post was published 30th of July 2008. Fast Forward to TODAY! 

TODAY... I finally decided to terminate and will merge it with My Refuge Online . Here are the reasons why:
1. I am having a hard time managing 6 websites. I work 7 days a week now and the only free time I have in my hands is either for doing chores or for facebooking napping.
2.  I am not very comfortable using wordpress platform. I am not computer savvy and tweaking with user-unfriendly platform is very frustrating to me.
3. I am paying tons of money on domain hosting for my 6 websites already and having Ruthilicious merged with one of them will save me some dough. [One advice, if you are thinking of getting a domain go check a web hosting hub first before signing up.]
4. I decided to post everything about my "teaching experience" here because this is the most appropriate hub for the said experiences. My teaching career is the highlight of my professional life and I believe that this is the place for it.
5. And lastly, I do hope that the lessons I've learned from "teaching"... will teach others who visit this blog.

SECOND MOVE and hopefully the LAST ONE

Author's Final (hopefully, this is really final) Note: Ruthilicious will now become part of a regular blog series tagged under Ruthilicious in the Classroom here in RBS. All the previously published Ruthilicious posts from My Refuge Online will be re-posted and properly noted here. This move is due to the fact that my website MRO finally lost its domain and I have no intention of getting it back in order for the downsizing to take effect.

I hope that this move is final and that I will be able to manage all my blog series more effectively and efficiently.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Ruthilicious... absent in the Classroom, present in the Chatroom. She blogs when she is NOT Facebooking doing chores and she blogs while she is ALSO Facebooking doing chores.
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