Spiritual Musings

Years ago, I found joy in reading Bible verses and writing my reflections about a particular verse that struck me. I found happiness in doing it because I was able to get in touch with my inner self. And I found peace in the process.
Years passed and a lot of things happened. Things that I have no control of. Things that somehow shook my faith and conviction. And things that one way or another messed up my personal belief and perspective in life.

"I am a human being!" I used that phrase as an alibi to justify my weaknesses and my being irresponsible. I used that phrase as an excuse to not take my faith seriously or totally forget all about it to some extent. And I felt that I can also use that phrase if I made bad choices without feeling a grain of guilt in my heart.
Now, I have decided to go back to an old habit. I wanted to do again what used to give me joy and peace of mind. And I wanted to do it again not because of faith or religious reason but for my personal guidance. And I will call all my posts on Bible Verse Reflections... as SPIRITUAL MUSING. It will be posted under Ruthilicious Blog Series.
But this is also a warning that, one way or another, I might lose my footing again and backslide. And if it does happen... I don't want to make promises but I will try my best to stand up again... regain my balance... and walk in my faith. And you my dear friends can speak up and remind me too.

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  1. wishing you very well in your spiritual musings Ruthi, looking forward to it so I too could learn from you :)

  2. I will remind you so you could remind me too: ) been planning to make a spiritual reflection series for the longest time: )