Summer Comfort Food

Summer seems so short. There are lots of things I want to do and it seems I am running out of time. I have never been as busy as my regular 12 hours shift. But no matter how busy I am there is one thing I will not pass up - food!
I love to cook and when I cook it's always experimental. I'm the type of cook who doesn't stick to recipe. I always come up with something. Something made of anything available in my fridge, that is. So one day, the only thing I got was a left-over steak, an onion, frozen broccoli and some left-over noodles from the doggie bag my friend Medy sent me.

So I stir-fried the sliced steak with onion and broccoli in olive oil and seasoned with a dash of Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning and oyster sauce. Then, I microwaved the noodles and topped it with the stir-fry steak and veggies.
Then, the rest is history. Chow!

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