50 is the new 29 (with a few shades of grey)

When I turned 18, I didn't have a grand birthday party. Compared to most of my classmates who celebrated their debut in 5-star hotels, I had a quiet-low-key celebration with just a handful of my friends and close family. It was what I wanted for a reason. My Dad was not home that time. He was overseas working. So what's the point of having a grand debut party when I cannot have a dance with my father. End of the Story.

Fast forward to 2014. When I turned 49, I planned my 50th Birthday Party. Since I will be a golden girl I want it grand. I want it lavish and I want it to be the birthday of the century. I even hired a professional photographer to have a photo shoot for vanity purposes. wink*
But as my 50th birthday came closing in I changed my mind. I think it was more of a "pre-senior moment" that women of my age are going through for no reason at all. And so I decided not to have a celebration all together but rather celebrate it with myself. No gourmet food and fancy buffet tables with motif labels, tags, banners, gold-colored table napkins/plates/cups with my initials, party favors and whatnots.

Instead, I booked a weekend getaway for me and with the love of my life in Kennebunkport. I realized that was what I just needed. The fancy birthday celebration that I had in mind was just a fantasy that I will surely regret if it happened. Though budget will not be a problem because I plan parties every now and then for my loved ones so I already got some stuff to use or I know where to get stuff for cheap. I can create and make my creativity work like magic to make my special day extra special. But then I just realized too that what's the point of celebrating my birthday if 2 of the special and important people in my life will not be able to celebrate that day with me because they are so far away? So I just decided to celebrate my special day with the one and only important person in my life who is present at that moment and doesn't have to travel 30 hours or so to get to the U.S.

Well, I spent my 50th birthday in a hotel/spa in Kennebunkport and had a great time being pampered while my Sweetest was waiting in our hotel room with a view.
I had a whole body massage. A luxury facial treatment. And a VIP manicure and pedicure spa. The night of my birthday was spent dining out at a fancy restaurant where we had the entire room to ourselves and yes with the view of the ocean.
We spent a relaxing 2 days and 1 night birthday rendezvous close to home. My expectation of a memorable birthday celebration was met. I had the pampering and relaxation that I never thought I needed.

I was happy and that's all that matters.

By the way, my birthday was last March 14th so you can tell that this is long overdue considering it is already the last week of April. You can also tell that my birthday was indeed relaxing and I didn't want to go back to reality.