Som Tom: The Ruthilicious Version

The other day, I had a craving for Thai Salad. But the problem was. I was too lazy to drive and go out to eat.

So, to solve my problem I just made myself a Thai Salad.

I got myself a green papaya the last time I went grocery shopping. I was planning to have it ripen and make a smoothie out of it. But the calling for Thai Salad was so strong that it ended up into a Som Tom - Green Papaya Salad.

I was so happy with my ingenuity so I took some photos and post it in my IG and one of my friends in FB ask me how to make it so here you go.

SOM TOM (Green Papaya Salad)

2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp. fish sauce
juice of 1 lime
1 tomato (I used Roma)
1 tbsp. sugar in the raw (the original recipe calls for palm sugar)
1 1/2 cups green papaya shredded/grated

1. Put all ingredients in the mortal and pestle except the green papaya.
2. Crush the ingredients until juice comes out and they all get mixed up. Do this by using the pestle and a spatula alternately crushing and mixing.
3. Add the green papaya and do the same thing for a couple of minutes.
4. Transfer to a bowl.
5. Enjoy

Normally, Som Tom should have roasted peanuts but I only have walnuts available so I used walnuts instead. It also calls for mung bean sprout but I didn't have any in my fridge so I just went without it. It didn't hurt my feelings.

This may not be the real thing but quite close. It taste just like what I imagine. I ate the entire bowl in one sitting.

And I didn't share. Nope. Not this girl.


This recipe is flexible. I don't follow recipes. I break them. You can do it too! Enjoy!