RuthiliciousEats: Flourless Wild Blueberries-Banana Bread

Summer in my adopted home means lots of blueberries.
So, as a tradition, my sister-from-another-mother and I went to pick wild blueberries from our favorite spot. It was another nice summer day so we went to Spec Pond to check out the holy bushes for some of those sweet blueberries that we love so much.

As expected, they are bursting with these beautiful blue babies. We picked everything to our hearts' desire and filled our containers with there precious beauties.
When I went home I baked myself the bread that I have been craving for. As soon as it was ready to eat I took the mandatory snapshot and posted it in IG.

Oh boy, as usual, my friends asked me for the recipe so here we go.

Just a few things about my ingredients.

a. I used Bob's Red Mill Super Fine Almond Flour because I am gluten free. I am not endorsing or  promoting it. This post is not a paid advertising of Bob's RM. [Oh how I wish I get paid for this.] I just used it because I got a big bag for cheap at Sam's.

b. The wild blueberries are my summer treat because they are free. Otherwise, I usually use frozen blueberries when I make any blueberry recipes when they are not in season.

c. I used the banana for sweetener since they are very ripe, you know when their peel are already spotted. That's when I know they are sweet and those are the ones I freeze to make my all natural ingredients Homemade Banana Walnuts Non-Dairy Ice Cream. YES, I WILL SHARE THAT RECIPE HERE TOO.

d. The eggs I used are all organic and free-range because we have chickens.
Yup we have a regular suppliers of "butt nuggets". Our eggs for breakfast are fresh straight from the chicken butts. LOL

e. I used ghee instead of regular butter because I'm on the Eat For Your Blood Type Diet.

f. I also use almond milk instead of regular milk because I am lactose intolerant. I don't use just one particular brand I buy any brand that I get my hands on.

g. With almond butter, since I'm on Blood Type Diet, peanuts are in the avoid list, so I stay away from it (if I can control it. LOL)

I have been gluten and dairy free for 3 years now that's why flourless goodies are my go-to snack or meals. Good thing rice is gluten free so I don't get deprived of my comfort food. But I don't eat rice very often. I'm on a low-carb diet too.

Yes, I'm on so many diet but I still gain weight. But, I think I rather call it healthy diet. I have to. Both my parents died of heart issue so I watch what I eat now.

Every now and then, I would check recipes from Pinterest that are GF or Vegan or Paleo. True enough this one was pinned a long time ago and just got dug up when I had the wild blueberries on had.

This recipe is an adaptation of Sugar-Free Mom's.  This is the best one I found online that I love. It did came out moist and yummy. I just tweaked it a little and added ripe bananas to it since I have some that are available. I just don't want them to go to waste.
And since it is sugar-free I love how it tasted. It even taste better with butter on it. This bread will be good for my breakfast.

So there you go. Hope you like it and make your own version. You can substitute any ingredients I guess. And let me know how it came out.

This is a regular post about the recipes I made or recreated or invented.

Stay tuned for more recipes and happy eating.