RG Gregoire Photography: Another God-Given Alibi to Stay out of Trouble

One of the common denominators of the Orona Siblings is photography. Long before the dawn of selfies or groupies, the Orona Siblings are already into photography. We love to take photos of everything. Yes, we are all camera shy NOT!

The #oronaSquad.
Since we are all in the photo, this is definitely an iPhone selfie.

I have been doing a lot of photography in the past. It is one of the many strategies that I use to stay out of trouble. Yeah, I am one of those people who need one to stay likable and be a nice human being for the most part.

However, since I got so busy with a lot of extra-curricular activities I personally imposed on myself because I'm crazy like that. I forgot that I do know how to take photos with a little zing.

I joined photo walks with professional photographers even if I don't even know what I was doing.

And I shoot in MANUAL mode. Just saying.

Photography is one of my passion. It is my go-to activity when I am not doing yoga though sometimes I end up doing a photoshoot of myself also when I'm doing yoga.

I love taking photos not only the places I love but also people. I took a lot of baby photos because I think they are cute. I take a lot of baby photos of my friends' kids.

And of my granddaughter Amy who is my favorite subject. She is my most popular model of all time.

I also love taking photos of siblings and kids because they are so adorable and easy to direct them to pose. Well, for the most part.

I also did some seniors' photos which I enjoyed so much because I got to go to some exciting locations. I think the location as a background for photography makes a great impact on the photograph. It added depth and character to the person being photographed.

Family photos, on the other hand, is something I always look forward to. It's always exciting to see the whole family together through my lens. I can feel their love for each other and their desire to preserve that emotion into the picture.

I always love family photography and the #oronaSquad is no different. We had lots of framed family photos that are still on display in our ancestral home back home.

With regards to athletic or fitness photos, I'm kinda biased with this. The very first photos I took were that of my yoga teacher Nicole and my friend Sarah.

It was just an impulse call I placed asking them if they wanted to pose for me. Glad they did. They are two of the few people who have a great impact on my fitness journey. That is why I need to have them photographed to be added to my portfolio.

What portfolio? LOL

I also love to take romantic couples' photos. They are sweet though for some reason a little shy to do some poses I asked them to do. But I understand. I would probably feel the same way too if the role was reversed.

Or maybe not and made the photographer felt embarrassed for me.

Baby announcement photos. I love doing this one too. The first one I did was that of my granddaughter Amy when she was still inside her momma's belly. I was so excited for both of them and to see and hold Amy in my hand.

And the last 2 photos are of my former High School student when they visited me here in Maine last Fall.

An adult birthday photoshoot is one that I want for myself. But it is one of my dilemmas as a photographer. I can take photos of people especially my loved ones but nobody can take my own photos the way I like it.

I have to hire a professional photographer and pay a lot of money to have my own photos taken. Urgh!

And of course, places that I love.

Photography is something I love to do a lot but I just can't. Most of the time, the reason I can't do it is that I'm so lazy to carry my camera along. It's too heavy and with all the accessories that go with it, it becomes a pain in the you-know-where.

However, since I became at ease using and shooting my camera in "manual mode" I feel a little bit pro about it. And found a little confident to take photos of people. Eventually, I started trading photography with hair styling at my favorite salon. Now, I' get paid real money for taking photographs of people which is really cool.

At the end of the day, and when you realized that your hobby becomes a money-making machine... I feel happy and proud of myself.

Maybe in the near future, I would really want to do a lot of it if it will surely pay my bills off. And it will definitely nice if the best job you could ever have not only make you financially stable but make you a happy person.