#ruthiliciousTravels to Laurel Hill Cemetery for a Peaceful Walk

Do you like going for a walk?

Do you like to go for a walk to clear your mind or just simply to have a me-time?

Do you like to go for a walk to take in beautiful places to give you inspiration or just to relax?

Do you like to go for a walk in the cemetery to relax and find peace of mind?



You didn't see that coming, did you?

Well, one of my colleagues and friends asked me to do a Fall Family photoshoot and I was stoked with the offer because it's been a while since I last had a photoshoot.

I love photography and I would do a photoshoot on my own just for the heck of it. I would go to different places taking photos of the sceneries and different faces of life. And to do a photoshoot to get paid for doing it - is just a bonus.

So my friend texted me if I can do a photoshoot for her family. I didn't have a second thought and said YES right away. I was thinking that it will be a great opportunity to go for a day trip and hike afterward and put my photography skill work to my advantage.

So we texted back and forth and agreed on a day and time and place to do it. But before I was able to text back after she sent me the FB Page of the location and the direction where she wanted to have the photoshoot, I was like... did she really sent me the FB page of a cemetery?

Yes, the location she picked is in the cemetery.

And it has its own FB page! 

I had to admit I didn't see that coming. I was taken aback and thinking maybe it was an autocorrect mistake and didn't really mean to type in the word "cemetery".

But she really did!

She must have felt my doubts and feelings about her last text messages because she quickly added the next message - "There is a great spot down in the back that overlooks the river." while I was disorientedly typing in a response to that message.

And I was like... WHEW!

So yes, she did say the photoshoot will be at the Laurel Hill Cemetary in Saco, Maine.

And I have no choice but to trust her words.

For some reason, I felt that her assurance will give me a whole new perspective about life and the after-life. I was convinced too that she knew there will be no Zombie Apocalypse scheduled at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco on that day. So we're good.

And I was right.

I heard about the place before and passed the area once with my friend when we went to meet some friends at Old Orchard beach. I even asked what it was because it didn't appear to me like a cemetery and there were people there that time who looked happy and not mourning. She said it was a cemetery. And I thought that was a nice cemetery.

She did say too that people go there for a walk.

I didn't believe her.

So, we did the Family photoshoot on the scheduled date.

I arrived early to check the place where she wanted to do the photoshoot and boy, I was in awe. Considering that it is Fall and the foliage is at its peak in that place, I can't believe I was inside a historic cemetery which is one of the very first garden cemeteries in America established in 1844.

It is where some notable people in American history were buried and laid to rest.

We started working on our poses. I worked hard in my focus to cut and eliminate any evidence of the place and it wasn't that hard. The arrangement and layout of the tombs are well-planned and well-thought-of. It was flawless and strategic. It is a park, a garden, and a haven.

We had fun doing the photo shoot.

Her kids are adorable. The father is a little shy. My friend was relaxed and just wanted the shoot to be done as quickly as possible before the little one changed his mood. But the little one has a blast and cooperative the whole time. I was able to get his best shots without issues.

It was fun to do the photoshoot with this family. And yes, I am thankful for my friend to give me the chance to discover this amazing place.

After the photoshoot, I stayed for a solid hour to really experience this amazing place. It was time for a walk.

There were lots of people in the cemetery. I even saw a couple of guys doing photography there too. Their cameras are fancier than mine and they look legit and professional. But I didn't get intimidated. I feel professional myself earlier anyway. LOL

I saw a short walking trail so I checked it out.

There is a bench overlooking the river and the trail is well-managed and groomed in my opinion. It was short but nice.

The view of the Saco River with the foliage backdrop was amazing. The whole area is none the less a great hiking/walking place.

Contrary to what we believe what cemeteries are, this place is not spooky at all. I believe the dead ones here are literally resting in peace and happy to be in their final resting place.
It was a great experience for me. But don't take my words for it. The photos don't even give justice to what I personally see with my own eyes. But what I can assure you is that this place is not a spooky place at all.

And I believe Zombies are off-limits here so they can't scare the living human walkers and hikers and photographers enjoying this amazingly peaceful and boo-tiful place. Pun intended!