#ruthiliciousYoga || The Reluctant Yoga Teacher

I am assuming you already know that I am a Yoga Teacher.

For those who have no clue... now you know or maybe surprised. Don't worry it's okay. I am surprised by myself too.

My journey was unexpected and unplanned just like all of my hikes, travels, and adventures. I'm a notorious unplanner and I'm kinda proud of it. What's not to like about being spontaneous, anyway? 

Seriously, I'm still pinching myself to check reality every now and then. Why? Because if you told my 30-year old self that I will be an amazing Yoga Teacher (those are not my words, they're my students' and I have proofs LOL) - I will surely laugh my b*tt off and ask you, "what are you on?"

The email that I received from one of my happy students.

Yes, it's been over a year now since I got certified as 200 Hours Yoga Teacher. And I have been teaching yoga since I graduated from the Yoga Goddess Academy. I started teaching yoga to my co-teachers at the school where I work to provide some self-care activity after a long busy day in the classroom. It was my way of giving back to the community. I also taught some teachers in another elementary school in our district for the same reason.

Yoga for Self-Care for my colleagues

Teachers Self-care Yoga on our school playground during the last few days of school.

Then, I bravely asked the YMCA in our county if I can teach yoga there, and guess what? I was asked to teach Restorative Yoga to our senior members. It was amazing. I was teaching 3 yoga classes every week. In two of those classes, I get paid and that was even awesome.

Restorative Yoga for Seniors

Soon enough, I gained popularity (ahem, clearing my throat here) and I was asked by the Director of the After-School Program in our school to teach Kids Yoga. Yes, you read that right. I wasn't looking for this job. The job was offered to me. Ain't the sick? That was totally hysterical and I was nervous and excited at the same time.

So yes, I grabbed the opportunity. Why not? Though I wasn't so sure how to teach Kids Yoga, I gladly agreed. So I added the Kids Yoga to my statistics. 

My Cutest Little Yogis

Next thing I know, I was sponsored by LearningWorks - the After School Program in our school to take Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth, so I can support our kiddos better through Yoga. The opportunity kinda fell effortlessly and unexpectedly on my lap. I am now a Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher for Youth and working on 2 more classes to complete my certification and I'll be a Registered Children Yoga Teacher in no time. That was crazy. Totally!

Then came pandemic and remote learning.

My thought was, what will happen now with my yoga classes? Well, I guess the Universe has a bigger plan for me so I just trusted and let it go.

My yoga classes did not stop when our school went remotely. I still teach yoga remotely to our students and teachers and yes... our kids' parents who are also as stressed (maybe more) as the teachers. I was also recently asked by the After-School program director to also teach online yoga to the staff for self-care. And at this point, I can totally ease out on pinching myself because I know that these things are really happening.

Kids Yoga Online

You see, I am not really that busy (pun intended). I thought the pandemic will slow me down but I was wrong. I have been busier than ever. I was also asked by LearningWorks to do Kids Yoga Videos so the kids will be able to practice yoga on their own, in their own space and time. So yeah, I'm a Vlogger now too and have my own YouTube channel for Kids Yoga (as well as Yoga in Taglish and a bunch of other stuff).

Here is a sample of the Kids Yoga Video

Eventually, the pandemic took its toll on everyone alive. So when we were able to get modified restrictions on outdoor activities, I was able to take yoga outside. Of course, I have to connect with my roots but my family is all over the world and there is no way I can travel, I have to do the best I could. I connected with my Filipino friends here in Maine and we did Yoga at the Park so we can at least reconnected and stay healthy at the same time.

Yoga at the Park with my Filipina Friends.

Now that I'm a year old Yoga Teacher, I kinda love the feeling. Although I had to admit, I'm still a work in progress. That being said... I can't wait for other opportunities coming my way where I can share my passion for yoga.

At this point, I am confident enough to say that when new opportunities come - I will no longer be reluctant to embrace my new role.



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