Tuesday, August 26, 2008

not another alibi

First things first. My apologies dear friends – to those who keep on sending me messages… I’m sorry that I didn’t have the time to reply back. To those who never get tired visiting me here… I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to return the favor. And to those who are always reading my posts here [assuming]… I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to update it on a regular basis. Yes, you guess it… I have an alibi. I HAVE ANOTHER BLOG!

Yes, I have another baby called “changing seasons” at Today.com. and it is just 2-day old [as of this writing]. This new baby will feature everything about Maine – my new “home”… its changing seasons, unique culture, amazing people and breath-taking landscapes. It will contain much of the photos from my ever-growing collections. And as usual I am very excited about it. I am very excited not only because I am a true-blooded-blog-addict but because this new blog is an income generating baby. Wink! Very interesting huh?

And so my dear friends… rest assured that it’s “business as usual” since changing seasons is already well taken care of. I will try to reply to all those messages you sent me… visit your blog to return the favor… and will post new articles again as often as possible. And since you are reading this… I am inviting you to check out my new baby. Check and I guarantee you that you will find a new opportunity in earning $$$ through blogging [or just click on the icon/image below of this post.] See you all there and Get paid to BLOG at Today.com

Friday, August 22, 2008

a PR for my Post

I was talking to Vienna yesterday and according to her one of my posts – The Thing of the Past and The Present, at BizarreMarriage.com earned a PR value and she wrote something about it in her other blog. Wow, that was the first time I heard about that. I didn’t know that an individual post can earn a PR. Of course, I was happy. I was happy that after all my effort has been acknowledged.

Well, I would like to thank Vienna for the trust and for letting me write for Bizarre Marriage. It was really an honor.

Friday, August 15, 2008

just perfect!

It's a nice day today. The sun is out. My laundry is done. The kitchen is clean. The bathroom smells good. The whole house is perfect. So what's the catch?

The word PERFECT! That's the catch. I have been living in this world for 40 plus years and by now I know for a fact that there is no such word as - perfect. And when things seemed to be perfect... there will always be something that will stick out as otherwise. There will be one thing that will go the other way. And there will be one teeny-tiny bit of thing that will make the word and the world - imperfect.

And so everything seemed to be perfect... until I step on the scale.

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Now... with this tiny detail... everything is just so... perfect! Oh well, that's the spice of life.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spiderman is arachnophobic

My nephew Toby loves Spiderman so much. So much that he has all things “Spiderman”… from shirt to shoes… from PJs to toothbrush… from school bag to pencils. He watched Spiderman movies [all 3 sequels] for a million times I guess that he can even say his lines word for word. Such kids!

What do you expect? When they had the United Nations presentation in school, he was dressed as an Arab Sheik and supposed to introduce himself as… "Hi, I am Toby I am from Saudi Arabia". But when he finally went up the stage and introduced himself… he said… "Hi, I am Toby and I am Spiderman" [with matching “Y” fingers seemingly spinning web]!

Oh well, all boys will become Super Heroes at least once in their lifetime and they will fight aliens, robots, and bad guys to save the world and bring peace on earth. All boys will be wearing silly Super Hero costumes even if it is not Halloween to impress a girl or two. But all boys will never out-grow thinking that they have super powers and will forever keep their super ego. Wink*

Toby with his Spiderman Mask.

I miss Toby. He is cute. He is adorable. He is charming. He is funny. And what is so funny about Toby is that… among other things… he is arachnophobic. Yup, he is afraid of the spider. So come to think of it… he is the only Spiderman who is afraid of the spider.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let’s pollute the cyber-world!

Enough already! Satisfaction! It’s a harsh word. No one is ever satisfied. No one is ever contented. No one is ever happy with what they already have? That is why aside from the word “satisfaction” we also have the word “accumulation” to justify that nothing is enough.

Okay… let’s do this without the drama and I’ll go straight to the point. I HAVE A NEW BLOG. Yep, a new blog! I know! I know! Please don’t point fingers on me. This baby has been in the oven more than a couple of months back and I have been giving you, guys, subtle hints of its impending birth [or did I?]. Well, it’s official… I am announcing the birth of www.ruthilicious.com and just so you know, this baby will kick hard once it’s out of the incubator.

Yeah, there are still a lot of nursing to do and has to undergo some minor surgeries but it’s doing ok. Mama here, on the other hand, has already come up with a good header and this is what it will look like…

So there you go. Let’s populate the cyber-world. Let’s pollute the cyber-world with blogs to reach out to people and make friends. Let’s make blog-hopping our part-time job or for others like me… our day job. Let’s make friends all over the world and spread peace on blog-mankind. After all… it’s a lonely place if you don’t have long list of blogs in your blogroll.

So Friends... Ladies... and Gentlemen... I want you all to be the GODPARENTS of my new baby - RUTHILICIOUS. I will appreciate it very much if you will have an extra space for my "new baby" in your blogroll and link her up too. Thanks in advance Mga KUMARE at KUMPARE [translation: Godmothers and Godfathers].

Sunday, August 3, 2008

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