Sunday, June 20, 2010

Improvised Challenge

WEEK THIRTEEN : [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

This past week was a bit crazy at work. It was the last day of school and I had lots of preparation for the "Fun Day" with my kids. So yes... I know... my challenge is still what it is... a challenge.

Then we spent the weekend up north camping and gold panning again.

So, the only exercise I did was climbing up and down the steep hills of the East Swift river where we gold panning. The trail going down the river is my improvised "eliptical exercise equipment" and the bucket of concentrate and sluice are my weights which I carried up and down that hill.

But I did eat a healthy meal because I had an improvised kitchen where I was able to cook stir fried veggies.

And I have not checked my weight. I hate them.


betchai said...

another great adventure, Ruthi, love your stir fried veggie :) oh, i prefer climbing upa nd down a hill than my elliptical trainer, elliptical trainer for me is only when it rains hard :)

Icy BC said...

Looks so much fun, Ruthi, especially the gold panning part, and your stir fried veggie is to die for.