My 1st Wedding Hair and Make-up Job

Years ago, I did a few Hair and Make-up stints with some former students, friends and family for some special occasions like; graduation, beauty contests, wedding and whatever occasion they need to look good and "made-up". Yes, they were my first Guinea Pigs back then. And that was my on-the-job training so technically speaking, I'm a pro. LOL

Here in Maine, I did my very first Wedding Hair and Make-Up job when my step-daughter Steph got married last May. I was kinda nervous because I was afraid that she might not like it.
Prepping Steph's hair.

Week before her wedding date, we did a "hair and make-up rehersal" so we would know how the hair style she wants would look on her and what make-up technique will suit her. So on the day of the wedding we already knew what look we want to achieve.

The technique I used for Steph was the one that I normally used for myself when I want full-coverage.
But since Steph's skin tone is lighter and fair, I used a lighter shade of foundation. I used ELF Flawless Finish Foundation right after applying NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer. Then set the foundation with ELF HD loose powder. Next, I used NYC Sun n' Bronze Bronzing powder to giver her a hint of glow and contour her check bones.
 For her eye shadow, I used VS Smoky Shimmer in the shade of brown.
I used a little of highlighter under the eye area instead of concealer since there is nothing to conceal. I used highlighter on certain areas of her face (under the eyes, bridge of the nose, jawline and forehead) to sculpt her face. I brushed a little blush-on in rose shade and matched it with light shade of pink lipstick.
When I was done with her make-up, I did her hair. I just did a half up-do which she chose among the different hair style that we looked up in Pinterest. I'm not really very confident with my hair styling though. But somehow I think I nailed it too.
Here is the finished look of Steph.
 The blushing Bride.
The Bride... with the Father of the Bride [a.k.a. my Sweetest]
and the step-mother[slash]Make-up Artist[slash]party planner [a.k.a. Me]. LOL. 

It was indeed a great day and a special occasion to remember.


  1. What can I say? Wow!! I am proud to have a pro make up artist and beauty expert! ♡

  2. Aww..such a lovely bride! And her beautiful step-mom. She's so fortunate to have an amazing step-mom (slash) make up artist (slash) event coordinator! Kudos, girlfriend! :)

  3. Aww..such a lovely bride! And her beautiful step-mom. She's so fortunate to have an amazing step-mom (slash) make up artist (slash) event coordinator all in one! Kudos, girlfriend! :)