Ruthilicious at 49

It's hard to believe that I turned 49 yesterday. Or I was just dreaming?
Forty Nine years and it feels like nothing has changed. I am still the same crazy person I used to be. No more, no less. Errr.... maybe a little bit more. LOL

"Forty Nine" is just a figure. I'm still the same old me with a little new attitude. Though the word "little" might be debate-able but attitude is attitude. And that one depends on who you are talking to. wink*
49 is just a number. I still feel the same old me. Though I feel that I mellowed down a bit. Less on the drama, more on the diva-ish.Yah, the latter is indeed new.
Forty Nine years of blessings and achievements. God is so good, He plays favorite. And for that, I have a million reasons to thank HIM for.
Forty Nine years of challenges and struggles and I believe I passed them all with flying colors. Though I know there are hundreds more coming my way... just bring them on.
For 49 years I got my fair share of successes. But believe it or not I have more failures than you can imagine. What is more important is I picked myself up more than 49 times.
At 49 I have more than 49 friends and still counting. They are loving people who don't care if I have 49 dollars in the bank or 49 million dollars in debt. They just accept me for who I am.
I may not have 49 siblings but the 2 most precious ones I have are more than enough to make my life complete.
Forty Nine is the new 27. I maybe 49 years old but I feel like 27, seriously. I'm not bragging. But does it matter? I'm still the same old me. No drama! No botox! No BP maintenance pills! Just a little "hot flushes" every now and then. LOL
Pardon me, I'm not into SELFIE but theses photos are 49 years' worth of reminder how much I changed over the years. And next year will be my BIG FIVE O. And that will mark a new milestone that I need to face.
It's more than being a Golden Girl... it's more than getting qualified for AARP... it's more than getting my priority straight to get ready for retirement. Next year, will be the start of a newer me. But for now, I don't want to think about it for I have lots of plans that I need to achieve before that year comes. So let's start now.


  1. Happy 29th my dear friend with the most gorgeous smiling eyes I have ever seen! I can't stop smiling here looking at You through the years... love yah!!!!

    P.S. I wish I'd have your energy and beauty when I reach 29 too! *wink*

  2. I think you are 19 with 30 years of practice - looking simply fantastic!!

  3. you are the epitome of the saying "it's not the number of years that you add into your life that matters but the life that you add to your number of years". well lived 49 years! i can't wait for my turn. LOL. seriously, i always tell that to my friends who look so youthful as if they never age.

    happy, happy birthday again! love, love, love all your selfies through the years.

  4. I love the 27 more than the 29 :) I can't get enough looking at your pics :) very very lovely you, you're so cute in that 1987, but of course, the rest are as cute too, ageless and young forever, :) keep the happiness coming Ruthi.