#ruthiliciousTravels || The Excitement of Glamping

There is camping and there is glamping.

What's the difference? The spelling. LOL

I can't choose between the two because they are practically the same to me with only a couple of minor differences.

My first solo camping was my introduction to the glamour of camping. It was the next level up to my outdoor games. As soon as I settled in, I told myself, "I will do more of this. I promise!"

Don't get me wrong. I still love the traditional way of camping where I pitch my own tent, inflate my own mattress with my air pump, and setting up all my cooking stuff and paraphernalia. I feel so grown-up by doing so.

However, glamping is just like ordinary camping but with a twist.

It's like an ordinary artwork with glitters. Well, what can go wrong with glitters? Well, anything can go wrong with glitters especially the clean-up but glitters make things pretty and shiny. (I can't believe I'm using glitters as my metaphor for this, I hate glitters!) LOL

Anyway, what I really want to say is, who doesn't like convenience? And when you are on vacation, convenience is what you are looking for aside from adventures. Vacation suppose to be worry-free and relaxing and enjoyable. It can't be enjoyable if your tent is leaking when it rains or there are bugs crawling in your mattress (that's the reason why I have a cot tent). And it can't be enjoyable if you have to elaborately and tediously set up and unset-up your tent and other things that I hate about camping back in the day.

Now that I discovered glamping here in Maine, my eyes opened up to a whole new way of staycation.
It was really relaxing like a hotel status kind of camping.

Glamping is so convenient. It's like you check-in in the hotel but you don't get a key. But you get some kind of hotel amenities like towels, toiletries, bed linens, soft and cushiony pillows, a refrigerator, heater or AC, stove/grill, and a nice warm bug-free bed. You don't have to worry about the trash too because there is someone who collects them and who makes your bed. In some places and if you book a bigger tent, there is a chance that you get a bathroom with a real toilet with running water and a hot shower.

I understand the joy of being able to commune with nature thingy. And glamping offers that too because the glamping campgrounds are indeed in the midst of nature with lush and rich wooded areas and mostly near the bodies of water where they offer tons of water activities. Who doesn't want to wake up to the sight of a beautiful lake right in front of you? Or the sound of the birds chirping why you sip your morning mimosa?

Unlike hotel camping (which was my kind of camping in the old day) glamping offers a lot of great outdoor activities like ordinary camping. Depending on the amenities and activities offered by the campground, you can do hiking, biking, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and some campground runs fun activities for the campers. They also have clubhouses and stores for those shopping therapies we need and maybe a spa and gym too.

You see, spending a 3 days staycation glamping can give you a boost on your energy. It can pump up your zest for life and live life with meaning. Well, that's how I feel anyway.

Yes, it was a little pricey as opposed to regular camping but if you are solo camping like me, there are lots of things that you don't worry about like the setup and the cleanup.