Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been busy with school work lately and as usual my blogging stint has to take the back seat for a little while. But I am so thankful that despite my absence from cyberlandia, some blogger friends don’t stop visiting my blogs and I even received an award.

Thanks “BUTTERY”fly for the Beautiful Blogger Award that you gave me. It’s well appreciated.

So just like any Meme it has to follow some rules and pass it on to other bloggers to keep the ball rolling. Here goes;

THE GOLDEN RULE for receiving this award.
I should say seven things that not many people know about me.
[I don’t know if there are still some secrets about remaining… but I will try. Whew!]
(Pictures are not necessary; just wanna make it more fun.)

1. I love music but I am cheap. I don’t buy songs online for my iPod and I don’t know how to download music. I asked my staff from work to do it for me.

2. I hate winter but I love Ice-fishing.

3. I love football but I don't know the rules of the game.

4. I hate driving but I don’t have a choice.

5. I love shopping but I hate doing the groceries.

6. I hate cellphone and texting but I love playing with it.

7. I love writing but I hate writing… with pen or pencil.

Now, it’s time to pass it on to other beautiful bloggers I know.

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CREDITS: Special Photos taken from MS Office Clip Art

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Bag Person is a Shoe Lady too

Okay let’s be blunt about it. I am not a "shopaholic"! Seriously, I am not. So to those people who think otherwise… this is what I have to say… You are entitled to your own opinion. Hahahaha

I had to admit, aside from bags… I love shoes too. I am not saying it in a negative way… but I am not very proud of it either. But do I have an alibi? Yes… I am a girl… so do the math! Wink*

Aside from my passion for bags – which I already wrote about and my jewelries – which I will soon write about too… shoes, are another weakness of mine that I cannot deny no matter how hard I tried.

I love my shoes. My shoes are my strength and inspiration. They are the driving force to my desire to live. Nah! Ok, ok, I admit it is over-dramatic. So let’s just cut the drama and get down to business.

Footwear fascinates me. Footwear or shoes bring out the woman in me. And like bags, they also tell something about the person’s personality. But I will not discuss the psychological assessment of a person’s personality based on the shoes they're wearing because I don’t have the necessary credentials to do so. I just want to make a statement that I simply love shoes in all style, color and height. I love my pumps… my wedge… my mules… my sling-backs… my stilettos… my sneakers… even my flip-flops… and of course, my boots.

And if you will categorize me, I am not just a “Shoe Lady” but [most specifically] a “Boot Lady” as well. I got all kinds of boots. I have rain boots… winter boots… and boots in different heights.
I love my rain boots because they keep my feet dry during rainy days and nasty muddy days [during the end of the winter and start of the spring seasons] to do simple errands like doing postcard mailing services or washing my car.
I love my black boots in all heights because I can wear them any time I feel like it regardless of the kind of season we have here in Maine.
I love my LL Bean winter boots because they keep my feet warm during winter time whether I go to work or ice-fishing.
And I love my furry and UGG boots because they are stylist and keep my feet warm and comfy during freezing and brutally cold temperature.
Well, being a shoe lady, I know that life will not be the same without my boots. So, God Bless the Shoemakers! LOL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bag Person

I read somewhere that what you have inside your bag tells something about you or that the content of your bag [or pocketbook as they call it here in the US] reveals your personality... or something to that effect. Anyway, I don't know about other people but I am a "bag person".

A "bag person" by personal definition is someone who cannot live without a "bag". If there is such a thing as that... I say yes!
I can't live without it. I feel naked without it. And I feel very uncomfortable without it. And I guess no one will no longer ask me if I have a collection of you-know-what to state the obvious.

I don't know why but I just love it. I love it in all sizes, colors, shapes and of course... brand names.

So what do I have in my pocketbook [bag]? What are the basic things that you can find in it? And what does it tell about me?
Judging from the content, I can say that I have jammed it with all the things I need on a regular basis and some few stuff I need on emergency. Other than that, I also have shoved some trash that i think not really necessary because I don't need them on a regular basis or on emergency.
Things that I need on a regular basis are my keys, wallet, phone, miscellaneous kit [that contains my quick fix like; lip balm, perfume, mini manicure set, disposable toothbrush, mini stapler and stable remover, marker, correction fluid, tea bags, hand cream, hair cream, razor, tweezer, and USB flash], comb, sunglasses and my wipes.
Things that I have for emergency purposes are cellphone charger, tampoons and panty liners, pen, eyeglasses, and emergency tools [a swiss knife kinda tool].

And for the things that are neither basic nor for emergency purposes... are those old receipts [from purchases, bill payments, and whatnot], mails, and credit card bills.

In conclusion... my personality... if you will analyze it based on the content of my bag is... chaotically organized and paradoxically well-prepared for what life has to offer. In other words... charmingly crazy! LOL

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a Rip-off!

Last year, I signed up with a "get paid to blog" network called hoping that it would help augment my income through blogging. I was so excited and spent a lot of time writing and knocking my brain off to come up with ideas to write about.

Eventually, I enjoyed writing for that account and anticipate the payout even if it only cost $1 per post. According to the rule, if I can write more than 1000 words I could earn more than 1$ so I did just that. But it did not get credit for more than 1$.

Everyday I would monitor my earnings and would compute how much more do I need to write to reach the minimum payout of 50$. When I was about 2$ away from the minimum payout… my succeeding posts didn’t get any more credit so I was stuck at 48$.

I notify the network about it and they told me that my write-ups will no longer be paid because I was not doing well in blogging. It was like… I was being evaluated for bad credit loans. Eventually, I found out that most of my blogging friends who have accounts on the same network stopped blogging and some were totally closed accounts for varied reasons.

I wrote them again and asked that my account be closed since it has some ads on it. Having those ads on my blog account means that my account is still generating income not for me but for the network. It also means that they are getting income at the expense of my blog. And it means that the effort I put in that blog account is just a waste of my time. They did not reply back and my account is still active.

What a rip-off! Lesson learned - be careful when signing up with networks like this. This kind of network is good as scammer!


Scrappy Thingy Day: Scrap #5

her smile is precious
can melt any heart for sure
she lights up a room

Integrated Fridges… Anyone?

I couldn’t imagine life without a fridge. It is the basic of basics. Nowadays, the fridge is considered as a necessity than a luxury as before.

In this economic situation, my all reliable fridge is my sidekick. It helps me a lot in managing my budget in a very special way.

My friend in the UK also feels the same. That is why when she moved there the first thing she looked for was the fridge. She got the best deal from Integrated Fridges. provides a wide range of fridges retailers in all top models and competitive prices. Now she is happy that she found a UK sidekick.

Friday, January 15, 2010

How would I?

If there are two things I cannot live without in my blogosphere world… they are my eyeglasses and my most reliable digital camera. Well, I need both to be able to do blogging and to be able to get my ideas across. Without my glasses I can’t write anything because I can’t see what I was writing. Without my digital camera I will not be able to post nice pictures that go with the write up. And every blogger in blogosphere knows it.

Blogging gives me a lot of opportunities that I didn’t know exist before. It definitely changed my life and my lifestyle. If I love shopping before I even love shopping now. I love online shopping more because of the convenience and practically of it.

I did a lot of online shopping from underwear to eyewear. How would I know anything about Zenni Optical if not from surfing online? How would I know that they sell high quality, stylist and yet low cost eyewear if I didn’t read it from an article in And how would I be able to enjoy blogging if I wasn’t able to get those stylist yet affordable eyeglasses from Zenni Optical? How would I?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Lens-Craft Day No. #4

It is wintertime!

It is a time to take a break and slow down. A time to take life one day at a time. A time to appreciate the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature.

... a time for the land to rest where the memories of spring are buried on frozen grounds.

… a time where the trees stripped of its grace and the leaves is on its resting place.

… a time when the wilds are in hibernation to escape death and prolong life.

… a time for reflections for what life has been and contemplate on the many blessings that life offered.

… a time to be grateful for a wonderful harvest and await the spring of new life.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gain some In-Sights

I do wear reading glasses and it will be sweet if I don’t have to.

I heard about Stahl Eye and this – I believe is the miracle I am waiting for… to be able to read or blog without eyeglasses for months.

Check out... Stahl Eye Center for NearVision CK… and gain some in-sights.

Health Options

It's the New Year. It's time to get organized and prioritized. And there is nothing more important but to prioritize on our health and health care.

Let's start the year right... let's think about our health, health insurance and our health options. Check out United Health One Reviews

For Your Eyes Only

I love reading and I love blogging. These are two important things that I really love to do but unfortunately, my eyes don’t approve. Because of these… plus the “age factor”, I need to wear eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses are expensive but you can find cheap, quality and stylish eyeglasses if you know where to look. Good thing I was able to come across an article about Zenni Optical in about cheap eyeglasses. Zenni Optical offers cheap, high quality and stylish eyeglasses that you can order online.

With Zennie eyeglasses, I was convinced that cheap glasses are the only practical way for me to enjoy my hobbies without hurting my pocket.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plans for the New Year

It's the New Year and as usual, I didn't come up with a valid and practical resolution [again] this year.

Why should I? I am bound to break them one way or another so I might as well not make one at all.

But I have plans this year. I have some home plans... and that means I am planning to clean up my home.

Hey, that is a good New Years Resolution, isn't it?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Empowering the Mommies

It’s almost two years now since I had my miscarriage. Sometimes I feel a little jealous when I see babies even on TV. And though I am not really too crazy about getting pregnant again, I still surf for some baby and mommy websites that give tips about Baby and child because I enjoy reading about them.

In fact, one of the best websites that I browse a lot is the because it provides a wide range of pregnancy and baby related topics that are really informative and up-to-date. And one of the most important features of the website is the Forum where you can talk to mommies and pregnant women who can provide personal experiences that can empower mommies and expectant women in caring for their little ones.

Dealership, Twitting, and Boredom

I just came back from my appointment at the dealership today. I called for an appointment last week because of the “anti-freeze thingy” in my car that needs to be checked. What the heck is the anti-freeze, anyway? The only thing I know about car is that… it drives me to work… and it drives me nuts when I have to go to work after a snow storm.

Yes, we had a “monster snow storm” the entire weekends of the New Year. What a great start huh? And yes, I was scared out of my wits to get out of the house to drive anywhere except to go to the store to buy milk.

After I gave my keys to the car guy I went to the customer’s lounge hoping that I could get a wifi connection but there was none so I ended up “twitting” instead. Then I texted my cousin in California and asked what she was doing and she texted back… “auto body yorba linda”.

Oh well, her text message doesn’t make sense but I was able to make sense of it, anyway. I was guessing she was as bored as I am. And we were both waiting for our cars to get fixed. Nice!