Thursday, June 26, 2008

a test run

I just recently bought a domain for this blog "Ruthi's breathingSpace" which is and am still waiting for its activation. Meantime, this is what I have in mind for the "header" - the school of fish [because I am a teacher and a Pisces, make sense?]. I also want to come up with a 3-column lay-out which I don't exactly know how to do but hoping that my friend Carlota will have the time to help me with it because I screwed up with my other blog already. She is an expert and the best in website designing.

Well, this is just a test run and I could use some help from all of you my friends in this major decision I am yet to make. So, can I get your honest opinion and suggestion about this design? I can take constructive criticism.

Note: The fish painting was painted by "yours truly" [painting is one of my hobbies too] and it was a gift I painted for my Hubby for his 49th birthday in May of 2006. It was inspired by the photo below which he took during one of his scuba diving stints in Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Philippines.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the season I hate most

After surviving 4 seasons in Maine, I know I can take anything now. However, if there is one season that I really hate the most… it’s the election season. It’s just plain crazy.

There was this discussion that I responded to in myLot about a month ago and I want to post it here for the sake of my rant about election season.

This is the discussion started by Anhedonia entitled: I Wish the Election Were Over

I am looking forward to the post election relief. Whether the person I vote for wins or not, good lord, I just want it over. People get so edgy, so defensive and nerves so raw it's almost like a dogfight lol. They should put Prozac in the water during elections.

Whatever country you live in, do you feel a sense of relief after elections? Or just a sense of "we've been fooled again?" Do you become hopeful? Or do you just curse?

This was my response that got rated "the best response":

Honestly, the season that I hate most... is the election season. You are right, it is like a dog-fight. Politician vs. politicians. Supporters vs. supporters. It is always chaotic. Last year, when I got my visa, my fiance wanted me to come here right away. But I begged him to let me just vote for our mayor first. He said... what's the point? You will not be living there anymore. He got a point there right? But for me, I have a sense of responsibility to the people that I will leave behind to ensure that they will have a better future. But of course, I am only one count of a vote. But I was hopeful because, you cannot tell that my vote will make a difference. But worse can always happen. My mayor did not win and the good for nothing incumbent mayor (the crook) won again. I was furious because a lot of those people in our hometown are blinded and ignorant. I did not curse. But when I left, I told my friend. I will not come back in this town, unless that mayor is still in office.

Well, I was really emotional. I am a history teacher and somehow I know how politics is played in our country. It is one of the top countries in the world in terms of graft and corruption. And people know about it. And people don't care. I hate election season... winter is better even if the snow bank is as high as the roof of our house and the road is icy and slippery.

Well, no matter how many election seasons will come and go, I don't think I will ever like it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

taking fashion to the next level

One of my cyber friends called me in my a fashionista in her comment in one of my photos in my Friendster account. It was indeed a compliment.
I love my clothes. I love my shoes. I love my bags. I love my scarves. I love my accessories. What do you expect? I am a girl… so do the math.
I love trends and if I can afford it, why not? After all, dressing up is fun. It makes me feel good about myself. But then, I am a practical dresser. I don’t just go with the trend specially if it is too expensive and I will look stupid in it.
Let’s just say I am a safe dresser.Being a safe dresser means not only dressing on the safe side. Being a safe dresser means not spending beyond my means. Being a safe dresser means I won't ever be caught dead wearing one of these...
Those are truly beautiful and will surely make me pop... quite literally though. But nah, I am not that daring.
NOTE: Thanks again to my friend Carol for sending me these photos.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

be a happy blogger… copyright your posts

I was plagiarized. My ideas were stolen. My thoughts were splogged.

I was so excited when I saw that one of my posts in Bizarre Marriage got a comment. So I clicked on it to read my comment. What a big surprise when I found out that it was a link from another website that has a post with the same title as mine. Curious, I clicked the link and read the rest of the article just to find out that it was the exact post that I had only with few word revisions using synonyms.

So with this lesson that I learned, I am now copyrighting all my posts since all of them are original and written by me. So if you are like me, who are taking your skill seriously… who are thinking that you may have a career in writing… and who are seriously considering to take your writing to the next level... then, copyright your work. It is an important way to have the security and the peace of mind you need with your writing. ©

Sunday, June 15, 2008

a Carpenter's Wife promotes Hubby's skill

As a good wife, I need to support my Hubby in everything he does. My hubby is a carpenter and that explains why I have a blog "a Carpenter's WIFE's tool box". He is a hardworking, passionate and ambitious carpenter who wants to take his skill to the next level.

With the current economic situation, the construction industry is dwindling and needs a good boost. Hubby is worried and vexed with the present economic condition. He feels that he needs to do something to ensure that he will be able to put food in the table. And he needs to make something that will work to his advantage.

And as a good wife, I need to do the best I can to help him. And so I am using this blog of mine to promote his dream and his life. This is a post lovingly written for GREGOIRE Construction.

GREGOIRE Builders… we do not only build houses… we build dreams.

Friday, June 13, 2008

all my children

When I was growing up I used to have constant fight with my mom because she just didn’t understand anything. She was the worst critic in the whole world. And she never liked anything that I like. She was such a nag.

Growing up is a pain in the a-s-s when you have parents who are conservative. Growing up is a never-ending struggle if you have to deal with old-fashioned parents and peer pressure. Growing up is an unbounded fight with self-esteem when you are not part of the “in” group.

Now that I am a grown up, the reversal of role is imminent. If I get pregnant again I wonder how my relationship with my kids will be like. Will they be like me to my parents? [READ: Karma] Will I be able to handle them the way my parents handled me? Honestly, I turned out fine and I am forever grateful for them. Good thing that they were strict or else I may have ended up either in jail or prostitution camp. Just kidding!

The new generation of kids today is given so much freedom in their hands. I don’t say that it is wrong. But as a result, they take for granted important values and make wrong decisions. I am not a parent yet but when and if ever I become one, I don’t know what to do when my kids will come home like this…

The Coca-Cola Drinker

The Metallic Artist
The Peace Man
The Charm Hanger

The Beads Charmer

The Un-scratcher

(NOTE: I would like to thank my friend Carol Andrews of Mackay, Queensland Australia for those pictures she sent me through e-mail)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

of love and money

I was browsing on my myLot account just now and went to check on "my best response" that I got from people who liked my response to their discussion. Then I stumbled upon this response that my friend St. Hart rated for me. I decided to post it here so that it would remind me of my personal conviction on life and love. Sometimes I do have the tendencies to forget important things. You know.

The Discussion was:

Which is more unbearable for you, life without love or love without money?

And my Response was:

Your question is a long-time debate-able topic. And I know a tricky one too. My answer on the other hand, always varies too depending on the time and mood that the question is raised . But then, I think both are important. We need love to live... but with only love... we can't live life to the fullest. We have a saying, when the stomach is empty... love flies out of the window.

We need love and a person who has no love is the most miserable person in the whole
world even if he has all the money in the world. But then, if all you got is love and you don't have the money to sustain and to provide for your family... you will also feel miserable and desperate.

Now, to answer your question... my life will be unbearable if I don't have love and money.

ON the funny note: Money isn't everything. Happy is the man you has no money and yet found a woman. But happy is the woman who found the man... who has lots of money. Cheers!

Now I was thinking, with all the troubles that we put up for love, it only proves that love can't exist alone. Or maybe I was wrong. What do you think?

Monday, June 9, 2008

weekend rants and whines

It’s another Monday. And it’s nice out. I had a very hectic weekend. I cleaned up the house, made meatloaf and embutido, drove 50 miles to 2 Wal-Mart outlets in search of a kiddie pool, did the grocery and rant about everything in between. What the heck? Weekend supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation but there I was, doing all chores and whining.

Oh well, life indeed is full of mystery and misery [on the side]. But still, even if I wasn’t able to relax I have my consolation because I bought a new fabric from Wal-Mart which I will make into a nice summer dress.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Out of hibernation

I was really planning to bring my camera this morning when I went for a run but I forgot about it. I should have brought the camera when I went for a run this morning because I want to take pictures of the sights that I see in that back road and share them here. I should have really brought the camera because when I went for a run this morning, I saw a couple of deer crossing the road and I should have taken a picture of them.

The deer stopped in the middle of the road and checked me out. It was awesome. The deer are back from hibernation and starting to show up now. Oh well, I know I will be able to stumble upon them again because they are frequent visitors in our backyard.