Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving decorating

Guest post written by Lizzie Macdonald

It's tradition that every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, me and my kids get out all of our Christmas decorations and put them up. We started doing it a while ago when we switched over from natural to artificial Christmas trees. It really is nice to not be allergic to your Christmas tree and to also be able to put it up whenever you want to.

I've been looking at some new ideas for holiday decorating by look up some decorating blogs with my Clear Wire Internet.

One holiday dŽcor deals that I read about online and am especially excited about putting together is a wreath made completely out of old ball Christmas ornaments. I think that it will look really cool and vintage-y. I'm just going to hang it up on the wall though instead of hanging it on the door because I'm afraid that if I put it on the door the ornaments will break from hitting up against the door when people come in and out of the house.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home for Thanksgiving

Written by my friend Markus Sanford

Now that Thanksgiving day is drawing near, I'm anxious to head home and see my family. I haven't lived at home since matriculating to college all those years ago, but I still make the trip up to San Francisco every Thanksgiving weekend for Thanksgiving dinner.

These days it's just my parents and my grandmother who live in the house I grew up in. While my sister still lives in the nearby suburbs, I now live on the other side of the country. For this reason, I always make sure to set myhome alarm systems before I leave even though I'll only be away from my place for three days. You can never be to sure these days.

Anyway, my sister usually picks me up from the airport. Before heading home, we take a few detours and reminisce about the good old days. It never ceases to amaze me how nostalgic visiting my hometown makes me. I also try to make sure to visit some of my old friends during the three days I'm in the city.

Once we get home, I always get a warm a welcome from my family as we share hug after hug. We usually spend most of our time talking or watching old family films. The best thing is that even though it's a six hour flight and involves a three hour time change, I always return from the trip re-energized.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

When Mother Nature took over

It’s not a well-guarded secret of mine being a “bag lady”. It’s not surprising anymore if I come to work one day with a new pocketbook even if a couple of week before that I got myself my dream sachel. And it is not a big deal with my BFFs if they lost me at the mall because they know where to find me again – the bag section, of course.

Yes, I love bags and I love shopping for bags because it’s therapeutic. I have been planning to go shopping today. C’mon, it’s Cyber Monday! It’s the best time of the year where everything in online store is 50% - 70% off. But Mother Nature took over and tried to stop me from acquiring another earthly possession. Well, kinda.

I woke up to a cold morning with matching snow and freezing rain. Mother Nature knows that I hate driving in this kind of weather so she is hoping that I will stay home and forget about shopping. I did stay home but I don’t know about “forget shopping”… because I am now shopping – online at Wink*** Yeah folks… this is the ultimate shopping for me now. I get what I want without leaving home and getting soaked in the freezing rain and worse lining up in the store. I’m done with that craziness. This is shopping – the next level.

Well, this is the kind of girl who gets what she wants. So here I am in my jammies… in the comfort of my warm and cozy bedroom… drinking tea… snacking on left-over pies… and shopping for bags. How cool is that?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Across the Road

I have never been too busy in my entire life. Or maybe, I have not been too lazy to do anything at all during the free time that I have in my hand.

But still, there is nothing that can stop me from appreciating the beauty around me.

... even if it is just the view across the road from my house.

Scenic Sunday

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Preparing My Home For Winter

Thanks for the post, Bernard Vasquez

There are many things I do each year to get my home ready for the cold winter. Preparing my house before the weather gets cold protects it against the harsh winter and hopefully saves me from needing costly repairs in the spring. The outdoor sprinkler system is first and gets shut down after the lines are cleared with my air compressor. Next the swamp cooler is shut down, lines blown out, and the unit is covered for the winter. I exchange screens for glass in my storm door to help with the winter drafts. I also make sure my snow blower has been cleaned and is up to date on its maintenance. The garage is organized with the summer machines put away, and the winter ones ready to be accessed. I make sure shovels, brooms, salt, and gasoline are within easy reach.

Inside the home I make sure that the main house heater gets checked and I replace the filter so it's ready when I need it. I also pull out portable heaters and stock the fireplace area with wood. Extra blankets are pulled out for snuggling, and I make sure the living space is ready for lots of hours of Satellite Tv specials viewing. Being prepared makes the transition from warm to cold weather so much easier.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Too Busy!

I have been really busy lately. Too busy... I don't even have time for blogging. Too busy... I don't even have time to visit my blogger-friends who are religiously visiting and commenting on my blogs [I'm really sorry about that... hope you guys understand. I will surely make it up to you once I get the chance]. And too busy... I don't even have time to get a haircut.

Yes, I am too busy and so with whatever tittle time I have in my hands... I would use it to do things like doing chores, paying bills, and watching my favorite shows on direct tv before bedtime. Well, it's the only time I have that I share with Hubby too. We don't spend a lot of time together since I started working on weekends. That is why watching our favorite tv shows on directv become our regular "date nights". LOL.

Oh well, I cannot complain now. Life is tough indeed but I need to find quality time with my Hubby. And I am glad that he got us one of those directv packages. At least we get the chance to enjoy something together... in the convenience of our bedroom.

CSI: Miami - My Favorite Crime Show

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

The thing about CSI: Miami that makes it so great is the joke at the beginning. Some may think it is a trite, banal pun, or some line so dumb that it has become a meme based on its sheer dumbness and David Caruso's ridiculous and undeserved ego, but I think it is an act of pure brilliance on the part of the writers. Here they were tasked with writing a plot for the most ludicrous actor to ever grace the screen, and somehow they managed to add these comedy sketch-like lines to the beginning of every script and managed to convince Caruso that these lines made him look cool.

It is also a daring risk to make yet another CSI based show, despite the audience already having been exposed to a thousand of them. You see, it is all part of tried and true strategy of cramming things down people's throats until they don't want anymore, than dropping everything cold turkey. So why not have more CSI shows on the air? Who cares about the integrity of the original? Best of all, David Caruso is a man of little acting talent and integrity, so he is the perfect star of the show. I never miss a single episode of CSI or CSI: Miami or wherever CSI may happen all thanks to the wide breadth of channels on my fox channels.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


One weekend which happened to be a Halloween, my BFF and I decided to get spooked but were too scared to really experience it for real. So we just decided to drive around and check out the foliage.

And this is one of the breathtaking views we stumbled upon as we drove by Limerick, Maine.

Scenic Sunday

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going to the Library is a Great Way to Inspire Your Child

Thanks for the article from Antone Medina

For many parents, a trip to the museum or the petting zoo means a day of bonding witht their children. These are great ways of building longlasting memories with your children. However, going to the library will not just mean bonding with your children, but it will give your children a love of reading and learning.

Before you do pack up your children to go the library, plan your time there. This is especially important if you have really young children or those of different ages. Always check to determine what programs they have available, as you may need a few moments to choose books for yourself and your children.

You also want to be sure to pack a few things to take with you. While most libraries will not let you bring food or drink in the building, you will want to have a few things in your car. The last thing you want to do is have to leave because of hunger. Once you are packed, set your home security alarm from system and be prepared for some fun.

The main thing you want to instill in your child is a love of books. A book can help improve your child's imagination, their comprehension, and can inspire them to think more. What you are doing for your child by taking them to the library is giving them inspiration and the chance to expand their knowledge.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brother’s new passion

So I was [finally] able to convince my other brother into blogging and he is having a blast. Well, he is the only one who was not blogging yet before so this is indeed a great thing for us. First, I told him to open an account in a free hosting website. Then before long he got 3 active blogs with it. Who knew? You can say it’s in the blood. Now we share one website that we manage together. And I can concentrate on my other blogs which really need some help.
Actually it was really not that hard to convince him since my brothers and I share the same passion and hobbies. We all enjoy writing, painting, traveling and photography. And we all enjoy sharing our passion with others so having our own websites is really awesome especially in this era of the internet and modern technology. It makes everything fast and easy.

Now that he really enjoys blogging the next step for him is to get his own wordpress web hosting. But it will not be that hard [for him at least] because Sissy here will surely be babysitting his website since he is a newbie.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Missing Out

Thanks for the guest post by Wes Slater

When my cousin informed me that everyone was watching Free on Demand I laughed wholeheartedly in his face, chortled even. After all, how can everyone be watching Free on Demand if I myself was not? Furthermore, if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you too? Then I realized you would, because the only reason everyone would jump off a bridge simultaneously is if the phrase were actually some metaphor for a new thing that was really fun to do, and therefore the answer would be yes, and if it was yes to that, why shouldn't I also be watching Free on Demand.

So this week I started watching Free on Demand and it was as advertised, absolutely spectacular. I watched all my favorite shows and did so at my own pace, which is extremely fast. In fact, I usually watch shows with the fast forward button on, and I fill in the dialogue with my own witty banter which is far more entertaining than anything the characters on screen have to say. All in all I had to agree that now everyone could conceivably be watching Free on Demand, as everyone I knew was. While I thought this might be the result of some mental jujitsu on the part of my cousin, there was nothing I could do to disprove him. I was watching Free on Demand on my directv.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Camping Adventures

Guest post written by my buddy Regina Higgins

Going out into the great outdoors is as exhilarating as it gets. The crisp, fresh air on your face, the gentle fall breeze blowing leaves across your campground. Sleeping out under the stars. I love the smell of fall, and it is even better when you are in the Rocky Mountains. Sometimes you can even get lucky and wake up to snow on the mountaintops. Just be careful when you are up on the mountains. You set your ADT home security alarm before you go out camping, make sure to take the same steps to keep safe in the mountains.

Once I saw a bear in the campsite. It was awesome! I was so scared, but at the same time he was just poking around looking for food. When he realized we had none, he left. We had taken the precautin of hanging our food supply from a tree branch in an airtight container. There are all sorts of wildlife you can see in the Rockies. I have seen all sorts of doe and bucks, there are mountain cats, wolves, and raccoons. I have even seen wild rabbits. If you bring your compound bow, you can even catch a rabbitand have a delicious fire cooked dinner. Yep, there is absolutely nothing better than camping. The tents, the fires, comraderie under the wide open sky. It is great!